#7YearsWithLay: Fans Fill Twitter With Messages Of Pride, Love & Support For EXO’s Lay

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From being the healing unicorn of EXO to being China’s Sheep, Lay has really come a long way these past seven years.

Seven years ago today, January 17, EXO’s Lay was officially introduced as a member of the boy group through a one-minute-one-second teaser video titled “EXO Teaser 10_LAY”. With “Phoenix” as the background song, the then 20-year-old EXO member impressed with his charismatic performance and intense dance routine.

And now, after seven years, Lay continues to captivate with his moves — full of balance and passion — in every stage he takes. From being an EXO member, he went on to add different titles to his name, including singer, songwriter, actor, host, Producer Zhang, and China’s Sheep.


The singer’s teaser photo for SHEEP (Photo from SM Entertainment)

From EXO’s Lay to Lay Zhang

He became EXO’s first soloist through his first extended play Lose Control. The EP was a commercial success, topping the Gaon’s weekly album chart and its November monthly album chart. He was the best-selling solo artist in South Korea in terms of album sales in 2016.

Other than South Korea, he returned home to China where he made a name for himself as Zhang Yixing or Lay Zhang. He is a ubiquitous artist in his homeland with projects after projects, and endorsements after endorsements.

In 2018, he took on the challenge to bring C-Pop to the West with his third solo album NAMANANA. He made history for C-Pop and K-Pop as the highest-charting Chinese singer and K-Pop soloist on Billboard 200 after placing 21st on the chart.

After a successful 2018, he started 2019 with another dream-come-true accomplishment for him — getting invited to the 61st Grammy Awards.

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Teaser image for NAMANANA (Photo from SM Entertainment)

Indeed, from the fresh-faced upcoming idol in that teaser video, Lay went to walk a flower path with his dedication and hard work.

And as we look forward to more of Lay’s achievements and growth, fans did not forget to look back on their first meeting and to send supportive messages to him using the hashtag #7YearsWithLay.

“…I’m glad that, now, I’m here, loving you, supporting you, and watching you grow as an artist every passing year.”

“You’ve been through a lot to be where you are right now. I’m glad that I witnessed your growth in this industry.”

“He never gave up even for a single minute in these seven years.”

“Thank you for being here and staying with us.”

“I couldn’t be with you 7 years ago. But, I promise to be with you for 7 years and more from now on.”

“Yixing, it has been 7 years and it’s still the same heart you put into everything.”

“I wish you so much more success and happiness for the coming years.”

“Forever with U”

“It’s an honor to be your fan.”

“You’ve come so far and I’m so proud of you.”

“It’s such a blessing and motivation to live in the same time with you who have huge dreams and also see you achieve those dreams step by step.”

“We’ll always keep supporting you and we love you.”

“Now, he’s a passionate musician, singer, actor, dancer, music producer, and mentor.”

“A year like that and you still feel grateful and touched.”

“In these 7 years, you’ve gone through many ups. You’ve pulled through many downs.”

“Your dedication and love inspire us so much.”

“Thank you for these seven years with you.”

“May all your hard work make all your wishes come true in 2019.”

“Here’s to more years of hard work, talent, and achievements.”

“We are so grateful for your dedication and love for EXO and us.”

“You’ve come such a long, long way.”