Lisa Ranks Among The Top Three Artists Of The Gaon Social Chart

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Lisa continues demonstrating her overwhelming popularity, topping the Gaon Social Chart!

Lisa continues along a steady path of victories following her solo debut with LALISA, ranking among the top three artists on the Gaon Social Chart. During the 40th week of 2021, from September 26 to October 2, Lisa ranked third, revealing the artist’s immense popularity.


The Gaon Social Chart aggregates the popularity of artists using their social media. Platforms in consideration for the ranking include YouTube, TikTok, VLIVE, Mubeat, and MyCelebs Social Index.

While Lisa ranked third overall on the chart, this is the highest record for a solo artist. Such rankings indicate that among the within the K-Pop industry, Lisa is quickly emerging as one of the most popular solo acts.

Additionally, BLACKPINK also ranked on the chart, illustrating the group’s staggering global popularity overall.


The music video for “LALISA” has already surpassed an incredible 250,000,000 views on YouTube. This admirable milestone was reached less than one month after its release. The video is a celebration of Lisa’s fierce charms and dominating stage presence, making for a riveting watch.

Her single album, while highly anticipated, exceeded fans’ expectations immensely. The project demonstrated her strong performance skills and powerful charisma, an apt representation of Lisa as an artist.

Lisa’s first solo endeavour was warmly embraced by fans and continues to amass achievement after achievement.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will greet fans as a group during Google’s upcoming event, “Dear Earth”. The event will occur through YouTube Original on October 23.

The campaign, “Dear Earth”, focuses on climate change. Other participants include world-leaders such as Pope Francis, former American President Barack Obama, and Google Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai.

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Image and Video Source: YG Entertainment | Gaon Chart

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