LOONA Gains Massive Streaming Traction With “Paint The Town”

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LOONA makes reaches an impressive streaming milestone with their latest release, “Paint The Town”.

LOONA receives an overwhelming response from fans following the release of their recent title track, “Paint The Town”. In only one week, the music video for the song surpassed 30 million views on YouTube, proving LOONA’s global popularity.


Shortly after its posting, the music video skyrocketed past ten million views in only two days. Subsequently, “Paint The Town” reached 20 million views in only four days. It reached the milestone of 30 million in seven days.

LOONA’s newest project was the most viewed K-Pop music video by a girl group for the week of June 7 to July 3.

In the music video, LOONA combined stunning visuals, powerful dancing skills, as well as a strong connection to their conceptual storyline to intrigue fans. The music video highlighted that the solo and unit stories in the ‘LOONAVERSE’ connected altogether as the group united as one, resulting in various fan theories.

The song itself expresses the message that one will ‘paint the town’ with their own colors without hesitation, regardless of others’ judgement. The track became a sensational hit, captivating listeners with its Bollywood-inspired sound.

Through its catchy melody and powerful mood, the song is quickly overtaking various music charts across the world. After releasing their fourth EP, &, headed by “Paint The Town”, the group topped the iTunes Worldwide Chart for three straight days.

LOONA also won the music broadcast, THE SHOW, and surpassed 76,000 initial sales of &. With such success, the group maintains their position as one of the leading K-Pop girl groups of the fourth generation.

Meanwhile, LOONA continues to greet fans through various comeback schedules. Fans can enjoy content from their different activities in music broadcasts, entertainment, as well as radio.

Source: Herald POP

Image and Video Source: Blockberry Creative