Fans Of MONSTA X, Chung Ha, GOT7, And EXO Express Anger Towards 2019 MAMA For Treatment Received By The Artists

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The 2019 MAMA ceremony had caused an uproar among fans of MONSTA X, Chung Ha, GOT7, and EXO.

The 2019 MAMA, or Mnet Asian Music Awards, is currently under fire by fans of the four Korean artists – and some are demanding apologies for the treatment that these artists faced.

2019 MAMA

MONSTA X and Chung Ha

In award ceremonies, senior groups are usually put towards the end of the show, and rookie groups are the ones in charge of the opening performances. However, despite being seniors in the industry, MONSTA X and Chung Ha were basically lumped together with the rookie stages by performing early in the show – and not being given enough screen time.

Compared to the other artists in the ceremony, MONSTA X, who debuted in 2015, and Chung Ha, who debuted with I.O.I in 2016 and a soloist in 2017, were only given time to perform an intro plus one of their songs. Moreover, groups and artists who were the same status as them were given at least two to three songs to perform, enraging fans even more. Both are also very accomplished in their fields, which they especially showed this year, and proved their place as senior artists in the industry.

What’s more is that Chung Ha won the Best Female Artist Award and was even nominated for a daesang while MONSTA X literally took home the World Performer award, giving both artists all the more reasons to actually have a proper performance.


Ahgases voiced out how pissed they were on social media after finding out that the videos of GOT7’s performances during the ceremony were taken out from both Naver and YouTube – and they were the only artists whose videos are missing from the platform. Their videos were uploaded at first, but it disappeared in a jiffy afterwards. Using the hashtag #MNET_GIVE_GOT7_VIDEO, fans worldwide voiced out their demand on Twitter along with their frustration towards the award show.

This uproar also came from the fact that GOT7 was one of the biggest highlights of the show – with them trending high on Twitter during the ceremony thanks to their amazing performance, plus the candid reactions that everyone watching loved – and for their performance videos to not be up for fans to view is a huge disappointment.

As of writing, GOT7’s performance videos are still not uploaded into any channels – even if they already posted a “GOT7 All Moments” compilation video from the ceremony.


Following the end of the ceremony, EXO-Ls took over Twitter to express their outrage over MAMA using footage of Chanyeol crying during their ceremony in 2017 and branding it as “tears of joy”. Those who had been fans at that time noted how the tears were definitely not out of joy – given the circumstances that the group witnessed, especially regarding the treatment of their fans during the ceremony proper, that year.

With this, fans made the hashtag #MnetApologizeToEXO trend on the number one spot worldwide. They also aired their annoyance at how the group, and the fans too, do not even go to the award ceremony anymore but still managed to get disrespected this year. EXO-Ls also made it clear that their anger is towards Mnet and nobody else for changing the narrative of that moment from their previous ceremony.

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