Monbebes Show How MONSTA X’s Wonho Inspired Them To Do Good With Huge “Save The Children” Donation And Messages

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To spread love and kindness – that is what MONSTA X’s Wonho had taught Monbebes.

MONSTA X’s Wonho is a man full of love, and Monbebes had been firsthand witnesses to it. Not only did he shower fans with adoration, but he also spread kindness with his interest in donations, charity, and volunteer work – which had deeply inspired Monbebes.

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No matter how busy he was, Wonho often took the time to help others by supporting charities, organizations, and causes. One of the many examples of this is how during one of his V Live broadcasts, he shared about the Hope Ring he got from UNICEF for his support to the For Every Child, Hope cause and encouraged fans to take part in it as well.

With this, Monbebes showed how they were inspired by the singer to help make the world a better place in their own ways through the project #WonhoTaughtUs. Picking up from his support to campaigns in line with reassuring a better future for children, among the heartwarming acts which emerged from the #WonhoTaughtUs project was a huge donation to the organization Save the Children under Wonho’s name.

The donation description reads:

“Being an idol isn’t an easy task as it implies a lot of responsibilities. Idols are considered role models and Wonho has always showed interest in contributing for a change and publicly supported several campaigns including “save the children” in order to assure a future for children in need from all around the world. As they say, a fandom is the reflection of its group, let’s contribute for a change and start building a better tomorrow as Wonho Taught Us.

Thank you for helping children Wonho, thank you for helping the world


After starting the collection of pledges last November 30, the drive had already achieved over $4,275 (based on our first check on December 9, 2019). Together with their donations, fans also shared how their hearts were moved to follow Wonho’s acts of kindness in his stead.

For Monbebes who want to check out this meaningful movement, donations can be made on the #WonhoTaughtUs event page on Save the Children’s official website here.

Other than the Save the Children donation, Monbebes had also been sharing things that the singer had inspired them to do and motivated them to keep a mindset of.

Truly, his huge kind heart outshines every attempt of darkness to cast a shadow on him in the eyes of every Monbebe who have seen how full of love and positivity he has been. His kind heart is also the reason why fans continue to see him as a role model, especially for building himself up from zero and doing his very best to become the better version of himself that they have all known.

This is also the reason why – after almost fifty days of fighting for him – Monbebes are still holding on to show the world that he is not what others, especially through the baseless accusations and unfounded allegations with no proper evidence and a mere video obviously taken out of context used to smear on his image, paint him to be.

To have strength and to believe, to spread love and continue being kind – Wonho, this is what you taught Monbebes.

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