MONSTA X Stuns With A Classy “Secrets” Band Live Performance

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MONSTA X makes us want to tell them our secrets after seeing this marvelous performance!

The guys from MONSTA X took to Mdromeda’s it’s Live in order to perform one of their latest b-sides, “Secrets”. With the help of the live band behind them, the artists brought new life into their already enthralling song.

Monsta X

The clip, released on July 11 at 5 PM KST on the official YouTube channel, drew attention from fans everywhere. Anticipation has been growing among Monbebe all over the world, especially those who are already fans of the musical masterpiece.

The sound of the members was as clear as a recorded one, but with the flair of a Live. The track itself allows each of them to shine during their individual parts, showcasing the different and beautiful vocals of the idols.

Kihyun made his switching between notes look like a child’s game, proving yet again why he is one of the best main vocalists. Joohoney added his playful side to his already strong stage appearance, looking good and professional while doing it.

Hyungwon and Minhyuk’s voices brought their own smoothness that fits perfectly with the song’s mood. Then, I.M shined with his rapping and sophisticated expressions. Member Shownu was sadly not part of this performance due to health issues. Thankfully, we were still able to hear his voice at the start, even if it was recorded.

Overall, simple expressions and gestures were enough to add that small, non-intrusive spark to complete the song and showcase all its glory.

“Secrets” is a track gifted to the world by member Hyungwon. Lately, he has been showing more of his producing talents and proving his versatile side as an artist. The song is part of the group’s latest mini-album One Of A Kindwhich presented a variety of new charms with its glorious tracklist.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will continue to deliver various content to meet their lovely fans. In particular, one of their upcoming schedules as a group is the Live Together Live Concert, which will take place on July 31 at 11 AM KST.

This joint campaign of the MOFA and UNESCO aims to unite against racism and promote solidarity and embracement. K-Pop artists will perform together to show their commitment to diversity and tolerance in line with the Live Together Campaign.

Video source & image screenshots: Mdromeda YouTube