NCT’s Mark And MC Gree To Go Head-To-Head In ‘High School Rapper’

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It’s NCT’s Mark versus MC Gree!

The competition is getting more intense as Mnet’s newest rap survival program ‘High School Rapper’ goes into a heated battle of sick lines in its third episode preview.

After choosing nine participants in each province in its first two episodes, the cipher battle among provinces commences in the next episode, which will air on February 24.  The cipher battle is to determine who will be the participants’ mentor in the competition.

In the preview, mentors Yang Dong Geun and Swings revealed their desire to mentor Seoul Gangseo and West Gyeongin, respectively.

Yang Dong Geun chose Seoul Gangseo because of NCT‘s Mark. Swings, on the one hand, sided with West Gyeongin because of Kim Gura‘s son, MC Gree. “I would like to be the mentor of West Gyeongin, where Kim Donghyun (MC Gree) whom many people dislike, is in,” he said.

Mentors will choose the cipher battle order by picking a line-up number from one to nine. Each line-up consists of a representative of each province. Anticipated participants Mark and MC Gree will take center stage as they represent their respective provinces.

“Just looking from here, there is a group with a really fun line-up,” Yang Dong Geun commented. The participants welcome Yang Dong Geun’s words, clearly aware of the-line up which the rapper was referring to. The hunch of the audience was proven right as group six was chosen, which include both Mark and MC Gree.

“We are the two people who was the topic of conversation before joining ‘High School Rapper,” MC Gree said during the backroom interview.

Mark, on the one hand, expressed his wariness towards his competitor. “To be honest, I am most wary of MC Gree. I was looking at him without realizing it,” he said.

The preview showcased MC Gree’s stage. The NCT member had nothing but praises for MC Gree, exclaiming that he performed well. Mark also expressed his confidence in the rap battle.

‘High School Rapper’ airs every Friday at 11 p.m. KST on Mnet.

Watch the full preview below.

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