Netizens Dig Out This Underrated Music Video From Topp Dogg

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Arario = Underrated. ‘Nuff said.

Published more than two years ago on 12 February 2014, this may be an old YouTube video of Toppdogg dancing and rapping to the catchy tune of Arario, but it has recently caught the attention of many netizens.

While many remarked that this MV is underrated, others commented that this is an unique epic rap song, which successfully incorporated elements of Korean culture. This music video has also attracted many fans from different bases, such as A.R.M.Y, Blackjacks and VIPs.


What netizens are saying:

Akira Akimoto

I keep coming back to this video, because it’s the only video I’ve seen that combines modern music and traditional Korean instruments(besides the cast of Heartstrings, of course lol). I love it! 😀


Wow this is so good! I love the video with Korean culture mixed in and the song is so catchy!
I am crying from how underrated Topp Dogg is. You will not guess how many times I have heard the words, “Topp Dogg, oh right that group.” and “I don’t like them, I just feel bad for them.”
Underrated. Needs more views. There awesome!
This is SO UNDERRATED! I’ve been addicted to this song ever since I found it. Which was when Megan did a video with them ?
honestly going back over this thousands of times (wish i could do a million because damn these boys are so talented and bring a smile onto my face) because of gohn, kidoh, and seogoong. like idfc if they have to go to the sub-unit, toppdogg’s songs would just seem so dull without them (but hey more line distribution) and they are pretty much the main reason why i was a toppklass in the first place. im still happy but it just seems different (gohn and kidoh were my main biases bUT IVE MOVED ONTO HOJOON) i hope (jhope pls) they come back soon and bring back what was once gone
These guys are hot af….they need more recognition!
this song deserves a lot more views. are they not being promoted correctly? this is my second mv i watch from toppdogg, i seriously feel like they deserve more views.
As an ARMY, I can say that they impressed me. I’m sad to say that I just found this group today, but wow they are absolutely amazing. Their beat is sick and creative. and I don’t understand how I haven’t heard of them before? I just saw a video they did with Megan (pronouncing American names) and here I am checking them out. And boom, I’m hooked.
I love the Oriental influence on this holy shit they’re so underrated

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