‘Hardworking’ Netizens Found Out Who The Female Model Is In WINNER Mino’s ‘BODY’

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Are you curious about the female model appearing in Mino’s latest music video?

On September 7, Winner‘s Mino dropped his new music video, titled BODY.

After its release, the female model, who carried out hot and steamy scenes with the singer in the clip, has been discovered by ‘hardworking’ netizens.


The beautiful girl with the attractive body is none other than Seoyoon Lee Carpentier. At the moment, she is a fashion model.

In fact, this is not the first time Seoyoon and Mino met each other. Earlier on, she took a photo with the member of Winner in the backstage of TV show Show Me The Money 4.


In addition, the beautiful model used to appear in Jay Park and Loco‘s music video dubbed Thinking about you.

More photos of the beautiful model in her normal life:


Watch Mino’s latest music clip ‘BODY’:

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