Netizens Say Produce 101 Trainee Kim Samuel “Deserves Better”; Vent Frustrations On Twitter And Wikipedia

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Netizens are not feeling happy for Produce 101 trainee Samuel.

The second season of Produce 101 has confirmed its line-up of members for a new temporary boy group Wanna One. However, some netizens expressed their disappointment after Brave Entertainment’s Kim Samuel failed to make it to the final Top 11 ranking.

In the final episode of the 2017 reality boy band survival show, the Brave Entertainment trainee ranked 18th. Netizens on Twitter joined hands in relaying their frustration over the result, causing Samuel to trend on the social networking site’s worldwide trends.

According to them, South Korea was “sleeping” on Samuel, whom they described as multi-talented.

The former Pledis Entertainment trainee and 1PUNCH member showcased his talents at the first elimination round where he ranked second. He also choreographed “Super Hot”, one of the finale songs of the show. Prior to the show, he collaborated with Silento on “Spotlight”, which won Global Collaboration award at the 26th Seoul Music Awards.

“Korea, one day Samuel will debut and make it big. You all will regret sleeping on him,” one user wrote. Some netizens claimed that Korean netizens did not vote for him for being Mexican.

Others felt sad over the 15-year-old trainee’s loss, who they claimed “deserves better”. Samuel first made his public appearance in Seventeen TV with other trainees from Pledis Entertainment, including now-debuted SEVENTEEN. In 2013, he departed from the company, and joined Brave Entertainment the following year. He then debuted with now YG rapper One under the name 1PUNCH, which disbanded eight months later.

A frustrated fan reportedly vented her disappointment through Samuel’s Wikipedia page. In the post, the page was edited to read, “He was expected to do well, as during the first elimination he was ranked 2nd but did not make the final cut for the 11-member team, and ranked 18th instead. He deserved more.”

Another fan wrote that she would “avoid a whole group” pertaining to WANNA ONE because of Samuel’s absence in the members.

Others are calling on Big Hit Entertainment to “snatch” Samuel, and “give him the debut he deserves.” On the one hand, some netizens are urging Pledis to allow him to debut with his former group mates SEVENTEEN.

Despite the disappointment and frustration, netizens also left encouraging messages for the 15-year-old trainee. “You will debut, Samuel,” one wrote and sent her optimistic belief that he will make it big. “You will get there where they did not allow you to be, not now and not through this show, but you will get there,” she added.

Another wrote a simple note of “Kim Samuel, we love you!”, while one user encouraged everyone to turn their outrage now into support when Samuel debuts.

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