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NU’EST has just made their comeback with the release of their first mini album, Action! In celebration of the release and in order to thank their fans or L.O.Λ.E’s for all their support, some of the boys of NU’EST have left messages through MelOn.

NU’EST members JR, Minhyun, Aron and Baekho all left messages. Check out the English translations of their sweet messages below:


“Hello, I am Nu’est leader JR.
Finally, we got a chance to meet L.O.Λ.E again through this 2nd album.
This time, we will continue to show you guys cooler performaces.
So please anticipate~
Our title song ‘Action’ . Please give it a lot of love.
This has been Nu’est’s leader JR.”


“THANK TO – Really thankful to L.O.Λ.E who keep waiting for our mini album to be out. Will use this thankful heart to repay everyone and will work harder. L.O.Λ.E I love you.”


“Hello! This is big brother Aron~(: Finally! Action is out!:D This time round, really came out to be very handsome kkk please give many many support!:D Really miss our L.O.Λ.E.S ㅠㅠ We are still working hard so please love us many! Give many many love to ACTION, NU’EST and Aron!<3”


“Hello! This is NU’EST’s Baekho. We are really working hard for the preparations ~~ Although using my own mouth to say…but it really still a little…handsome right? kkkkkk”

source: ningin

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  1. Banana

    July 14, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Ahaha~ So cute ^O^

    What happened to Ren?

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