Privé Website Crashes After Collaborative Launch With EXO’s Baekhyun, Asks Fans To Stay Calm …

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Looks like we’d have to wait a bit longer for Privé by BBH, EXO-Ls!

EXO-Ls had marked July 6, 12 AM EST as a special day on their calendars – all for the launch of EXO member Baekhyun’s collaboration with the fashion company Privé!

The brand tapped into SM Entertainment and gained the singer-songwriter-actor as their newest co-creative director last May, and fans were buzzed upon hearing news of Baekhyun being given his own clothing line called Privé by BBH.

Their excitement were amped up by Baekhyun and the rest of Privé’s promise to keep the prices of the items in the clothing line affordable for the EXO member’s young fanbase.

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Unfortunately, Privé’s website had crashed within two hours after it launched Privé by BBH’s first drops, which count seven designs that Baekhyun himself had worked on.

Privé by bbh exo baekhyun clothing line

Photo from @weareoneEXO

Privé issued statements on Twitter following the crash to apologize for the inconvenience caused by its server issues.

“We discourage everyone from visiting the website for now until we resolve the issue. We will notify you as soon as possible and please, stay calm as we have plenty items in stocks,” it added three hours after its first statement.

The brand posted updates on 7 AM EST, which came in three waves of tweets.

“We are specifically facing issues with international orders where our system charges inaccurate and higher shipping fees than usual. We are currently fixing this and may take time to resolve the issue. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience,” the first tweet said.

exo baekhyun prive by bbh

Photo from @weareoneEXO

“We have currently put our website down and not taking orders at the moment until we resolve the issue. Once again, we are very sorry for this inconvenience. We will make sure to notify you once we’re back and live,” Privé adds on its second tweet.

Finally, the brand finished by telling everyone who had already placed their orders before the site went down that it will assess each order’s shipment fees and makes a refund if necessary. The company also advises the customers to check their emails as it will get in touch with them after.

prive by bbh exo byun baekhyun

Photo from @weareoneEXO

EXO-Ls, however, were not surprised upon hearing about the site crashing and proceeded to look at the situation lightly.

We’d all love to talk to their co-creative director about this, though.

Nope, him sending a tweet on his personal account to distract us wouldn’t suffice – we’d love a personal phone call, thank you very much. Just kidding!

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