Rocket Punch Surpasses 10 Million Views For “Ring Ring” In Only Four Days

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Rocket Punch surpasses ten million YouTube views with “Ring Ring”, the punchy retro-inspired track ushering in the summer!

Rocket Punch displays impressive success with their newest track, “Ring Ring”. The group delivered the music video for their first single title song on May 17. The video surpassed ten million views only four days later, calling even greater attention to their newest release.

Rocket Punch

Initially, the music video garnered over six million views in two days, proving its catchy appeal. This momentum continues even as of writing, with the views continuing to soar.

Upon release, “Ring Ring” entered various domestic music charts including Genie and Bugs. Furthermore, its music video ranked 14th in YouTube’s trending videos. Additionally, Rocket Punch ranked in the top ten for iTunes’ top K-Pop singles charts in 12 different countries.

The group shows impressive growth in their global popularity, with particular influence in the Southeast Asian, Arab, and South American music markets.

Following an eight-month hiatus, “Ring Ring” showed the members’ bubbly charms in the fun track. Coined the “Newtro Fairies” for their twist on retro music with this song, the group delighted fans with the ’80s inspired synth-wave pop track.

Along with its groovy beat, the single delivered cheeky lyrics that communicate the feelings of early love. With the overall witty message of, “I’ll go to the person who rings my phone first”, the song delivers an addictingly sweet tune for the start of summer.

Moreover, its retro music video featuring colorful sets, neon lights, and a punchy choreography only increased fans’ attraction to the song.

Meanwhile, Rocket Punch will continue to thrill fans with their comeback schedules for “Ring Ring”, appearing on several music broadcasts.

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Image and Video Source: Woolim Entertainment