17 Times SEVENTEEN’s Fans Prove Carat Bong (Lightstick) Is The “Queen Of Aesthetic”

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When heavens gave out creativity, SEVENTEEN’s Carats were probable wide awake and at the forefront!

Since South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN released its official lightstick, the K-Pop world has been gushing about its beauty.

It has a white body with the boy group’s name prettily written on its handle. It bores the boy group’s logo, taking the shape of a diamond. Its color perfectly combines serenity and rose quartz — the official colors of Carats. It can change colors that at times, Carats generously share their lights to other fandoms to help show support.

And so, there is no contest, Carat Bong is indeed the prettiest lightstick ever in K-Pop.

But when we thought it cannot get any prettier, fans of SEVENTEEN managed to blow away the K-Pop world with their creativity and eye for everything pretty.

The self-producing fans of the self-producing idols have thought of various ways to revamp their lightsticks through dismantling the top part and adding flowers, fairy lights, stuffed toys, and even food!

Not convinced? Here are 17 times SEVENTEEN’s Carats proved their lightstick is the “Queen of Aesthetics”.

1. The “My I” Version

“My I” is the collaboration track of Jun and The8 released through SEVENTEEN’s fourth extended play, A|1.

2. The Cherry Blossom Version

3. The Laurel Version

4. The Flower Versions


5. The Enchanted Rose — Carat Bong Version

6. The Dried Flower Version

7. The Fairy Lights Version

8. The Cotton Version

9. The Totoro Version

10. The Sailor Moon Version

11. The Kermit Version

12. The Diamond Version

13. The Beyblade Version

14. The Pokemon Version

15. The Cafe Version

16. The Food Versions




17. The Accessorized Version

Pretty, isn’t it? SEVENTEEN will probably get to see this beautiful trend as the boys embarks on their concert series beginning in Seoul at the end of June.

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