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SM Entertainment will offer a brand new membership service called, “MUSIC NATION SMTOWN META-PASSPORT”.

SM Entertainment will launch a new digital membership service for fans, titled, “MUSIC NATION SMTOWN META-PASSPORT”. The passport is a new concept developed from the original MUSIC NATION SMTOWN PASSPORT which began issuance in 2012.

SM Entertainment

The MUSIC NATION SMTOWN PASSPORT which started in 2012 offered fans stamps or privileges after participating in SM Entertainment events.

Now, the passport and membership service builds on the company’s expansion into the digital metaverse. The membership will be used in the virtual country, MUSIC NATION SMTOWN, in which the real world and information of SM artists will meet.

Regarding this new concept, the company elaborated, “By connecting the real world and the digital world, all information will be recorded and verified transparently, providing new joy and benefits to fans around the world who love SM’s music and artists.”

The company launched the new membership on the same day as their latest event, SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS @KWANGYA.

Fans can apply on the SMTOWN &STORE ONLINE. Subsequently, they are granted citizenship of MUSIC NATION SMTOWN.

Moreover, fan activities regarding SM artists and events are stored virtually with this passport. Participants are eligible to access exclusive benefits and surprises.

The new service will connect all fans together through their love of SM artists and events. Additionally, it offers a new and advanced method for fans to track their activities and memories.

Source: Yonhap News

Image and Video Source: SM Entertainment

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