Song Hye Kyo Defines Gorgeous In SUECOMMA BONNIE Spring 2020 Campaign

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Song Hye Kyo is synonymous to Spring goddess in her latest Instagram update

On February 14, the actress posted glamorous images from the pictorial of SUECOMMA BONNIE. Song is a model for the global shoe brand famed for its stylish designs. For Spring 2020, the brand features GLOW sneakers.

Song Hye Kyo

In the captured photos, Song Hye Kyo dons a long wavy hair that its impossible not to be drawn by her stunning features. With barely-there makeup, she charms with a faint smile on her face; and a mesmerizing gaze of unfathomable expression.

Song Hye KyoSong Hye Kyo

Another photo stands out with its Spring-themed concept showing the actress garbed in white blouse, olive green skirt and peach flats ensemble. A contrast to the sleek sleeveless top she donned matching her sophisticated aura.

Song Hye Kyo

SUECOMMA BONNIE also released images and video of the beautiful artist wearing the brand’s GLOW sneakers.

For interested buyers, visit SUECOMMA BONNIE’s official website to get details.

Source: SUECOMMA BONNIE & Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram Pages

Song Hye Kyo