Ladies, This Is How You Can Appear On Newspaper Headlines With Your Song Joong Ki Oppa.

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Behold, the moment you have been waiting for.


With the phenomenal hit drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ raging everywhere around the globe, ‘Song Joong Ki syndrome‘ has also been spreading in a variety of creative ways.

Particularly in China, Song Joong Ki has been so well-received that someone actually created this amusing Chinese news generator. This simple generator actually lets you upload your most beautiful photo to be placed side by side with the actor in an apparent paparazzi article, with the Chinese headlines that reads ‘Song Joong Ki Relationship Exposed. Girlfriend Is Actually Her (you)’.  Click here.


For readers who do not know Chinese, all you need to do is to click the ‘+’ sign to choose your photo, and then click on the bottom button (circled in red below) to upload it. There you go!


Trust the Chinese to actually come up with this fun page, but it does slightly help us to ease some of our burning desire to date with the charming actor, if only just on the surface.

Have fun with the ‘Song Joong Ki Girlfriend Generator’ and oh, Happy Aprils’ Fool Day!



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