Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” Smashes 100 Million YouTube Views

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Congratulations to Stray Kids!

Rising idol boy group Stray Kids has bagged a new record on the YouTube platform with their latest track “God’s Menu”.

In the afternoon of August 27, the K-pop octet’s music video for “God’s Menu” officially surpassed the 100-million mark on YouTube. This is the very first MV of the group to achieve the said massive count online. Remarkably, the boys obtained the record in just two months and 17 hours since its successful release.

On June 17, 2020, Bang Chan, Changbin, Minho, Seungmin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, and I.N. gifted fans with a taste of “God’s Menu”. It is the title track of their first full-length album GO生” (“GO LIVE”).

“God’s Menu” charms with its addictive sound and witty lyrics. The boys were able to show a new flavor to fans through the music video. Showcasing their growth as a group, Stray Kids captivates with their charismatic presence and intense choreography.

Delighted for the wonderful milestone, Stray Kids recently uploaded a video message to express their gratitude to their supportive fans.

Watch Stray Kids’ stunning music video for “God’s Menu”:

Source and Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment