Sunny To Release A Heartwarming OST For SBS Drama “Let Me Be Your Knight”

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SNSD’s charming vocalist Sunny will be bringing joy to fans this coming holiday season as she lends her wonderful vocals to the newest drama offering of SBS!

Sunny of talented girl group SNSD will participate in the official soundtrack of the newest drama on SBS, titled Let Me Be Your Knight.


Big Ocean ENM and Super Moon Pictures, the production companies behind the drama, stated that the lovely idol will give life to the latest OST.

Titled “Sunshine,” the track contains the emotions of the protagonists of the program. It also details the feelings of lovers who just recently started their relationship. Making it more interesting, it has acoustic guitar sounds to keep listeners’ hearts warm and happy.

Singer-songwriter Celine also participated in composing the track and writing its lyrics. 

This special project will mark as Sunny’s ninth time to feature in an OST since she sang a beautiful track for the 2021 MBN drama Bossam: Steal the Fate. Prior to this, the idol already took part in the soundtracks of The Queen’s ClassroomTo The Beautiful You, Heading to the Ground and Oh! My Lady. 


That said, anyone can say that the artist have already had many experience when it comes to the recording iconic OSTs. 

Through her riveting and flawless voice quality, Sunny will surely complete every viewer’s day as she expresses the thoughts of the drama’s lead actors. Her participation in the OST is also expected to increase everyone’s immersion on the show’s plot as well as its whole essence.


Written by Seo Jeong Eun and Yoo So Won, Let Me Be Your Knight tells the story of Yoon Tae In, the lead singer of a popular idol band Luna, who constantly experiences sleepwalking. As a solution, he seeks help from a live-in doctor In Yoon Ju, who will help him overcome his condition. It airs on SBS every Sunday at 11:05 PM KST and is available for simultaneous streaming on iQIYI. Apart from Sunny, Kim Woo Jin has already led the first track of the drama’s OST.

Meanwhile, Sunny will release “Sunshine” on November 22 at 12 noon. 

Source: Fnnews

Photos from SM Entertainment and Sunny’s Instagram Account

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