Have You Seen Suzy’s ‘Twin Sister’ Yet?

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Let’s take a look at Suzy’s doppelganger.

There are many people who bear close resemblance to Suzy. However, the girl mentioned in this article is considered to be the singer’s ‘perfect duplicate’. Her appearance is 80% identical to the idol.

Who is this ‘twin’ of Suzy? She is Cho Sora.
The young girl is getting famous ever since her selfies started to spread fast on the internet. With the same hairstyle and makeup as Suzy, in some photos, Sora may even get some netizens confused between her and the miss A member.

Despite being dubbed as Suzy’s ‘younger sister’, some people claim that Cho Sora seems to look older than Suzy due to her dark complexion. Moreover at certain angles, she looks similar to IU instead.

Sora often uploads photos, which feature her in luxurious travels or shopping trips.

Do you think she looks like Suzy?


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