The Sweet Little Things MONSTA X’s Wonho Tweeted For Monbebes In The Past Three Months

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“Good night Monbebe!”, “Did you have a good dinner?”, and “Let’s eat lunch, Monbebe!” – these are just some of the daily reminders MONSTA X’s Wonho used to post for everyone.

Sure, grand gestures of love are amazing – but it is the little things that actually tie our hearts to someone. Although taken for granted most of the time, the kind of love radiated by the sincerity in every little thing one does take harder to destroy.

For Monbebes, MONSTA X’s Wonho was THE provider of daily comfort, with his reminders of mealtime and bedtime every now and then – equipped with photos that would surely paint a smile on their faces. The love he had shown Monbebes over the years can never be erased. In just the past three months, he had tucked fans to bed seven times on Twitter alone – yes, we haven’t even counted the ones in fan cafe as well as his mention parties at this point.

As a Monbebe, these two especially hit a soft spot for me – with the first having been posted a few hours before my birthday. Meanwhile, the second was from when I finally got to saw MONSTA X perform live for the very first time in my entire duration as a fan through a show they only guested in which barely even lasted an hour.

Still, it was the best night of my life because I got to see them stand as seven – and my heart breaks for Monbebes who were hoping to have the same opportunity too prior to the news breaking out.

He also reminded them to have lunch and dinner seven times in the same time period. Although some may roll their eyes at these and say “so what?”, these little actions served as a reminder that someone cares about them to some who might have been needing it at the moment.

His daily fashion updates under #WonhoFashion (literal translation) also made so many Monbebes smile as he excitedly flashed them his OOTDs.

monsta x wonho

Wonho also took fans behind the scenes for several of their activities for the past three months – from his magazine photoshoots to their music video shoot for “Find You”, all so that he can share more to everyone.

His random greetings and workout videos also never failed to brighten Monbebes’ days – as well as that time he called himself “someone’s Wonho” as an ode to their English single.

Of course, Wonho never forgot to still greet everyone with the cutest selfies for Monbebes’ recent anniversary – although they already held a V Live broadcast as a septet prior to the anniversary day itself due to their flight falling on the same day.

All of these posts also came from the idol despite MONSTA X’s filled-to-the-brim schedule within those three months, which is why it’s impossible to not appreciate Wonho’s sweet little daily reminders.

monsta x wonho

Now, allegations about something he supposedly did seven years ago with no actual proof other than “well, we said so” by detractors egged on by nameless netizens had taken all of these away – both from Monbebes and Wonho. After years of doing his best to become a better version of himself and doing nothing but show his love and chase his dream, everything he worked hard for had been taken from him in a snap.

What gets more painful for Monbebes is knowing that he had always been vocal about his fear of losing everything and everyone – which is why for around two weeks already, their fight still continues, along with hoping that Wonho can see their messages of outpouring love and support to help him hold on as well.

It’s been tough, and it will get tougher as days go by for sure – but it has been around two weeks and if remembering the little things Wonho did to show his love on a daily basis would be the only thing that could fuel Monbebes going forward, then so be it. Remember: when someone can make you so happy with even the littlest things, that’s when you know you’ve got something special.

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