T.O.P and G-Dragon’s messages to VIPs for 6th Anniversary

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After releasing Taeyang‘s message to VIPs for BIGBANG’S 6th Anniversary via their official site, T.O.P‘s message has also been unveiled on August 21.

G-Dragon‘s message was already released on the day of their 6th Anniversary, August 19.

T.O.P: “It has already been 6 years since we debuted, thank you so much each and every VIP, hope that from now we can become each other’s strength”

G-Dragon: ”Already… No, Now!! It is our 6th anniversary. Always thank you so much and sorry, so want to be nice to you more. Will forever serve you as V.I.P! Still Love VIP! ”

Source: News/Photos: bigbangworldwide(1,2crunchyroll

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