Tablo shares ‘Hot Cheetos and Takis’ video

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Tablo recently updated his Twitter by sharing Hot Cheetos and Takis, a video that recently went viral. In his tweet, Tablo also commented, “these kids go HAM”.

The song was released earlier this month by a group of young talents known as Y.N. Richkids. In the song, the group displays their fondness of Hot Cheetos and Takis – two popular chip brands in the US – by creating a catchy rap track using self-penned lyrics. The artists come from North Community Beats and Rhymes, a program affiliated with the YMCA that assist children with music and lyric composition.

Being a rapper himself, Tablo has found delight in seeing young kids expose their talent in rapping to the world.

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Sources: News – blobyblo; Photo – Pop Dust

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