UNIVERSE Launches Its Original Radio Programs For All Platform Artists

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The new K-Pop community service, UNIVERSE, launches its original radio content programs with its eleven platform artists!

NCsoft Co., Ltd. and KLAP Co., Ltd officially launch an original radio series on the platform UNIVERSE! All eleven artists of the new K-Pop community will participate in their own radio show. Unique posters featuring each group’s concept drew fans’ attention, raising curiosity for the new content.


Firstly, the film-loving idol Kang Daniel will present a “Kang Daniel Film Festival” monthly, delivering new movie stories to fans. THE BOYZ will speak about missions they played during “STAR THE BOYZ D.D.D.”, while MONSTA X acts as a group of learners who experience different situational plays. Meanwhile, Park Jihoon will have a boy-next-door theme, and ASTRO will have the concept of “fighting talk”.

Girl-group IZ*ONE will deliver the ASMR readings of fairy tales, while ATEEZ will provide a thrilling mystery quiz show. (G)I-DLE will discuss friendship, while WJSN intrigues with “Universe War”. AB6IX will solve various tasks with their fans during “Care to Join?”. Lastly, CIX will create a digital novel in “Temptation of Seeds”, discussing their daily lives.

In total, 11 platform artists join the UNIVERSE radio series with a variety of fun concepts, communicating with fans. Additionally, you can enjoy an in-depth look into the radio concepts and hear short snippets through the FNS section on the app. Fans can send requests for more radio stories through the FNS hashtag #RADIO_STORY within the app.

UNIVERSE released on January 28 in 134 countries, blending online and offline fandom activities. The all-in-one platform provides service on mobile devices while offering a unique worldview. Its radio series launched on February 8, with new episodes releasing sequentially every month.

Fans can keep up to date with UNIVERSE on its website or social media:

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PR and Image Source: KLAP