VIPs and SONEs make it to’s Fan Army Face-Off

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VIPs against Rihanna Navy and SONEs against Little Monsters.

It could be the beginning or the end for two of the biggest K-Pop fandoms on July 11. wanted to know which fan army is the strongest in the music industry. They launched the Fan Army Face-Off on July 7 to find the answer. Fan Army Face-Off is a bracket-style tournament which puts two fan armies against each other to prove their voices in the popular music scene.

“Fan Armies” is a term used to describe a huge number of following for an artist, or popularly known as “fandoms” in K-Pop. And of the 32 most notable fandoms which has gathered, two fandoms from the Hallyu Wave made it to the challenge; the VIPs and the SONEs.


Round 1: #rihannanavy vs #vips


Round 1: #littlemonsters vs #sones

The first round of competition started on July 7. BIGBANG’s beloved fans, the VIPs are going against Rihanna’s fan army called Rihanna Navy while Girls’ Generation’s ever-supportive SONEs are sorting it out with Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters.

According to, ” In this day and age, you haven’t truly reached pop superstardom until you have a fan army […], fan armies are constantly demonstrating their support in good and bad times for pop’s brightest stars.”

To all BIGBANG and Girls’ Generation fans out there, the first round of the the Fan Army Face-Off will close on July 11! If you wish to show your support for Hallyu fandoms, click here to vote.

What other fandoms do you think should be on the face-off challenge?

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