WJSN Hopes For Everyone’s Wishes To Come True This Year With A Special “As You Wish” Stage On “Music Core”

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WJSN members turned into fairies of hope as they welcomed the New Year with a special “As You Wish” performance!

Girl group WJSN put up a special stage for fans at MBC’s Music Core broadcast on January 9. They performed a song that is well known and loved, which also recently brought them a meaningful accomplishment.

The girls topped music sites on the first day of the year with their hit track “As You Wish”. This achievement is their second, following last year’s feat, showcasing the popularity of the song and how fitting it is for a new hopeful beginning.

The idols brought the track back with a special stage during MBC’s Music Core. With their emerald and white colored equestrian outfits, the members showcased a perfect stage filled with chic charm.

They attracted attention with their powerful sharp group dance, spectacular performance and point dances such as “Genie Dance” and “Mermaid Dance,” which harmonize with a mysterious melody.

“As You Wish” is a romantic fantasy song filled with sensibility and a dreamy melody. The chorus further captivates with the way it reminds of a spell chant and the lyrics that bring a hopeful message of supporting one’s wishes.

Meanwhile, WJSN has become a global artist who received a lot of love from fans both in Korea and abroad for their colorful activities last year. The group plans to continue being active in 2021 with various content and a more mature look.

PR & Image source: Starship Entertainment, MBC’s Music Core screen-capture

Video source: MBCkpop YouTube

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