“Woollim The Live 3” Presents Quality Covers Throughout January

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Don’t miss out on the beautiful cover performances by Woollim’s artists that were unveiled through Woollim The Live 3 in January!

Woollim The Live started its new third season in January and already brought outstanding performances. They will continue to unveil more covers every week for music lovers to enjoy. Here, we will combine all the videos released in January, in case you missed any of them.

woollim the live 3

Woollim The Live releases special video content consisting of unique covers by Woollim Entertainment’s talented artists. These are performances that otherwise can only be seen during concerts and show the idols’ ability to portray various genres in their own color. Also, the chosen songs are different every time and in this third season, fans are up for new surprises.

DRIPPIN – “Lately” (original by INFINITE)

Kicking off the new season were the agency’s new boy group DRIPPIN, which debuted at the end of October. The members presented a lovely cover of a winter confession song called “Lately”. The original artist is the senior group from the same company, INFINITE.

Fans can enjoy this loved and fitting for the season song while also checking out the new group that is here to captivate hearts and ears.

Rocket Punch’s Juri – “Grand Escape” Feat. Toko Miura (original by RADWIMPS)

Next, we have Rocket Punch’s talented Juri who picked a Japanese song for her cover video. “Grand Escape”, which the singer delivered perfectly, is part of the soundtrack of the anime movie Weathering With You.

The idol captivated the eyes and ears with her clear and solid singing ability while showing a different charm from the original song.

Lovelyz’s Ryu Sujeong – “달과 6펜스” (original by Lucia)

Lovelyz’s vocal Sujeong took the spotlight next with her rendition of Lucia’s “달과 6펜스” (The Moon and Sixpence). The singer shined again with her beautiful and sophisticated vocals while immersing herself and listeners in the atmosphere of the song.

Golden Child’s Y – “시간이 달라서” (original by Standing Egg)

Through his distinct vocals, Golden Child’s Y melted hearts with the cover of Standing Egg’s “시간이 달라서” (Because of Different Time). The singer has proved himself as a main vocalist in his group on many occasions and is now bringing a gentle touch through this beautiful yet sad song.

It tells about two people whose feelings for each other don’t appear at the same time, making them miss their chance of being together. Y perfectly digests the emotions of the song in this video cover.

INFINITE’s Dongwoo – “돌아오지마” (Acoustic ver.) (original by Heize)

The rapper of popular boy group INFINITE, Dongwoo proved countless times that he is also a great singer. It had been a while since fans heard his unique voice, due to him being busy fulfilling his military service.

Dongwoo picked Heize’s “돌아오지마” (Don’t Come Back), filled with singing and rap parts. It further reminded us of the idol’s capabilities as we enjoyed his stage to the fullest.

Rocket Punch – “First Snow” (original by Lovelyz)

Rocket Punch presented another beautiful winter song “First Snow”, originally sang by the other girl group in the company, Lovelyz. We were able to experience the clear vocals of the members while being pulled into a snowy scene, brought to life through the stage background and the girls’ performance.

DRIPPIN’s Lee Hyeop – “42=” (original by Lovelyz’s Sujeong)

Lee Hyep, of the newest boy group DRIPPIN under Woollim, also participated in flaunting his stable singing voice. He delivered his own touch for the song “42=”, which belongs to Lovelyz’s Sujeong.

The flawless tone and outstanding vocals delivered through this cover will certainly make hearts flutter.

Lovelyz’s Mijoo – “허전해 (Empty)” (original by Paul Kim)

Lastly for the month of January was the delicate performance from Mijoo. The Lovelyz member stuns not only with her looks but with her amazing vocals as well. She presented an emotional performance of Paul Kim’s “허전해 (Empty)”, leaving us speechless due to her talent.

Source & Image Credit: Woollim Entertainment