“Woollim The Live 3” Opens Up With A Sweet Cover By DRIPPIN Of INFINITE’s “Lately”

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DRIPPIN makes a lovely confession with their cover of INFINITE’s “Lately”!

Woollim The Live began its third season with a whole new and rich lineup. To kick off a new start, DRIPPIN took the stage where they brought back a beautiful winter song from one of the company’s treasured idol groups, INFINITE.

Woollim The Live DRIPPIN

The winter song “Lately” was released in December 2011 as the senior group’s third digital single. The lovely track, which is well known among fans, never fails to bring a smile to their faces. The pure charm that it brings with its gentle Christmas melody and its words of confession warm up listener’s hearts.

Woollim Entertainment’s recently debuted boy group DRIPPIN took on the task to deliver their own colors through their cover of the song. With a cute holiday decoration as their background, the rookies looked warm and cozy as they sang their Live version of “Lately”. Viewers could feel the charm of the boys as they warmly sang out the confession lyrics.

DRIPPIN put a start to Woollim The Live 3, creating a comfortable atmosphere fitting for the season. The boys made their debut in late October with the mini album Boyager and have been busy with various activities ever since. They will continue to show their own colors through their music and contents in the future as well.

Specifically, Woollim The Live delivers special live video content from artists under the company’s management. The presented songs are always different and the stages are unique and specially prepared.

Moreover, the agency plans to continue revealing more covers each week, so look forward for the next idols. In the mean time, enjoy DRIPPIN’s version of “Lately”, a perfect winter confession song.

Source and Image credit: Woollim Entertainment