[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Behind the Music with Hwiyoung – Exploring ‘Traveling Fish’ and His Artistic Evolution

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Discover the magic behind Hwiyoung’s latest album, ‘Traveling Fish’ in this exclusive interview.

Hwiyoung, recognized for his magnetic presence as a singer, rapper, and songwriter, continues to shine brightly in the ever-evolving world of K-pop. Since his debut with SF9 in 2016’s ‘Feeling Sensation,’ he has consistently captivated audiences with his distinct voice that captivates listeners with every note.

Born with a natural talent for storytelling through music, Hwiyoung’s solo career has been a testament to his artistic evolution. Since making his debut with ‘Drive5’ in September 2023, his versatility and growth as an artist have been evident. His skill in crafting lyrics that resonate with universal themes of love, introspection, and the complexities of youth has garnered attention, enriching his releases and showcasing his depth as a songwriter.

Beyond his contributions to SF9’s repertoire, where he has writing credits on KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) over 40 songs, Hwiyoung’s latest single album ‘Traveling Fish’ highlights his overall maturity as an artist. The album’s title track, “It Is L0ve ♥,” not only showcases his vocal range and emotive delivery but also explores the nuanced emotions of longing and devotion. Throughout this album, Hwiyoung invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration, where each melody and lyric unfolds a narrative that resonates deeply with fans worldwide.

As we catch up with this talented artist once more, it’s clear Hwiyoung is set to charm us all over again. In our exclusive interview, he discusses ‘Traveling Fish,’ shares his creative inspirations, and what drives his passion for music. Get ready to be enchanted by Hwiyoung’s infectious charisma and the magic he brings to every stage and song.

Hellokpop: Congratulations on your first single album ‘Traveling Fish!’ How does your upcoming album represent a reflection of your innermost thoughts and emotions at this stage of your life and career?

HWIYOUNG:  It is an album filled with the excitement of a challenge. It sometimes makes me feel nervous, but this feeling of taking a step forward musically is like setting off on a journey to an unknown destination.

HKP: As you prepared for this comeback, what emotions or sentiments are you experiencing? Are the emotions similar or different when you are preparing for a comeback as a member of SF9?

HWIYOUNG:  I feel a greater sense of responsibility as there are more things to be aware of and pay attention to. I hope many people love this album which was created by me and all the staff together.

HKP:  In what ways do you feel this album represents a progression or departure from your previous work?

HWIYOUNG:  I shot a music video and released a physical album for the audience to enjoy both listening to and watching with my new release. I really put my effort into it. While my previous music focused on breakups, this time, you will be able to feel the excitement of starting a new love.

HKP: How do you navigate the balance between vulnerability and strength when expressing yourself through your music?

HWIYOUNG:  I strive to bridge the gap by listening to various opinions and trying out methods I haven’t used before. Personally, I believe that both strengths and weaknesses can be appealing, depending on how they are expressed.

HKP: You mentioned this is different from your previous work. What inspired you while creating this album?

HWIYOUNG:  I tried to express the excitement within me a bit more boldly.

HKP: Looking back on the process of creating this album, what lessons or insights have you gained about yourself as an artist and as an individual?

HWIYOUNG:  I realized that I have various aspects to explore, and I thought I should make an effort to discover them by myself.

HKP: How did your personal experiences influence the creation of the title track, “It Is L0ve ♥?”

HWIYOUNG: When you enjoy and love something, it seems to seep into you without realizing it.

HKP: What do you hope listeners feel or experience when they listen to your music?

HWIYOUNG: I hope that people feel a sense of freedom when they listen to my music.

HKP: Your music has never shied away from pushing boundaries. How do you maintain this fearlessness in experimenting with different sounds and concepts, and what drives you to continually challenge expectations in your artistry?

HWIYOUNG:  It seems like the outcome of ambition. Ambition and desire to do well, to be recognized, and to build a career through music.

HKP: How do you unwind and recharge when you’re not immersed in music or creative endeavors?

HWIYOUNG:  Taking a good rest is more important than I thought, so I try to relax without overthinking.

HKP:  Lastly, is there a message or sentiment you’d like to share with your fans who have been awaiting the release of ‘Traveling Fish?’

HWIYOUNG: I am so grateful to have this opportunity, thanks to all of you. I hope that this release will allow me to share my joy with all of you.

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