[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] From Dark to Light: EVNNE’s ‘RIDE or DIE’ EP Showcases Group’s Musical Duality

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In an exclusive interview, EVNNE opens up about ‘RIDE or DIE,’ revealing the passion and teamwork behind their most ambitious release yet.

K-pop sensation EVNNE has returned with their highly anticipated third mini-album, RIDE or DIE, once again proving why they’re a group worth anticipating with each comeback. The seven-member powerhouse, consisting of KEITA, PARK HANBIN, LEE JEONGHYEON, YOO SEUNGEON, JI YUNSEO, MUN JUNGHYUN, and PARK JIHOO, has captivated fans with their exceptional teamwork, powerful performances, and intricate choreography. The title track of their latest min album, “Badder Love,” exemplifies EVNNE’s signature blend of hard-hitting rap and melodic vocals, showcasing their individual talents while highlighting their remarkable synergy as a group.

RIDE or DIE not only emphasizes the group’s musical prowess but also marks a significant milestone for EVNNE, as it precedes their first North American tour set to kick off in August. The new release builds upon the success of their previous works, including their platinum-certified debut mini-album Target: Me, and their first music show wins with the title track from their second mini-album Un: SEEN, amongst many other accolades. With each release, EVNNE continues to demonstrate their growth, versatility, and undeniable talent, solidifying their status as one of K-Pop’s most promising and cohesive groups.

In an exclusive interview, EVNNE joins usthe third time to discuss their latest comeback, the inspiration behind RIDE or DIE, and their evolution as artists. Join us as we dive into the group’s journey from self-proclaimed “rascals” to a tightly-knit band of brothers emphasizing trust and loyalty with their fans, ENNVE.

HKP: Congratulations on your 3rd mini-album! Can you share the concept of RIDE or DIE and the message you want to deliver through it? 

EVNNE: The new album RIDE or DIE portrays a bold and raw youth pursuing goals with determination and loyalty, in relation to the idiom ‘ride together till the end.’ We tried to express the journey towards the goal with the ‘Dare’ concept, which shows the clumsy and imperfect side and compared it to the ‘Truth’ concept, which hides the inner desire to do well and achieve the goal while being incomplete.  We want to convey the message of young people working together to achieve goals such as love, friendship, and dreams, building a bond to the point that they will be ‘together until the end.’

HKP: EVNNE is known for releasing title tracks with powerful and energetic vibes. What do you think is the killing part of this album? 

KEITA: I think the chorus of the title song ‘‘Badder Love,’’ which shows off cool vocals, is the killing part of this album.

PARK HANBIN: Among the choreography of the title song “Badder Love,” there is a part that involves spinning windmills. I think it is a killing point because it has a cheerleading vibe and captures the overflowing energy well.

LEE JEONGHYEON: I’d have to choose “Badder Love,” which is the title track. The combination of the cool guitar sound and analog bass gives a very cool, light, and refreshing vibe. It’s a song that’s very easy to listen to, and it’ll fit well with summer, so I consider this song to be the album’s killing part.

YOO SEUNGEON: I think this album’s killing part is being able to show a different side of us from our first two albums, proving we’re truly an all-rounder team that can work with any genre. Also, I’m really happy that we could record beautiful and brilliant memories of boys chasing their dreams.

JI YUNSEO: I think the killing part of this album is EVNNE’s refreshing and comfortable side that has never been shown before.

MUN JUNGHYUN: In the title song, “Badder Love,” the part where HANBIN crosses over and makes facial expressions is the highlight.

PARK JIHOO: I just think all sections of the title track are easy to listen to and provide a free-spirited feel, so it’s really hard to choose one specific killing part.


HKP: Please share with us the creative process for the album’s production. Did any of the members contribute to it? 

EVNNE: This album started with the idiom ‘ride or die,’ which came to mind through the lyrics of our title song, “Badder Love.” We discussed with the company which songs to include in the album and which ones would fit well with the album’s overall theme. By participating in the lyric writing process, we tried to capture the message we wanted to convey.

KEITA: For this third mini album, I participated in writing lyrics for B-side tracks “XO” and “2X”!

HKP: Were there any new genres or styles you experimented with in this album? 

EVNNE: In this album, we tried songs with an overall new vibe. In particular, “XO” is a song with a sexy concept that we’ve never tried before. Also, “I <3 U” was a new attempt because it has a very cute and sweet atmosphere. Please listen to our new album a lot!

HKP: How do you feel RIDE or DIE showcases your growth and evolution as a group since your last release, Un: SEEN? 

EVNNE: Unlike the Un: SEEN mini-album, which was filled with strong and energetic songs, this third mini-album is filled with songs with concepts and styles that we had not showcased before. The unity among the members was strengthened while working together and preparing the album. Also, with more experience, we feel like our skills have grown a lot, and we become more natural at handling new concepts, styles, or genres.


HKP: Can you share any funny or TMI behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of the “Badder Love” music video? 

KEITA: It was so refreshing and exciting to dance in front of the ocean!

PARK HANBIN: I felt like I was back in my childhood when we went to the beach for every break time and picked up small crabs, fish, shells, and more.

LEE JEONGHYEON: When filming the music video, I remember finding a soccer ball and playing nonstop even though the sunlight was really strong. It was very fun!

YOO SEUNGEON: There were many scenes involving boxing, so we arrived the day before filming and took boxing lessons on Jeju Island. There was a scene where I faced off with JIHOO, and it was a bit embarrassing at first, but I kept reminding myself that I was acting and approached the shoot with full focus. In the end, it came out very well. (Laughs) 

JI YUNSEO: We filmed a scene where we all went into the sea at night, held hands, and spun around in circles. The water was a bit chilly, but the atmosphere and the time were so precious and joyful that I have fond memories of feeling overwhelmed with happiness.

MUN JUNGHYUN: I was excited about the scene of driving on the early morning road with the members since it reminded me of our debut trailer.

PARK JIHOO: I caught a crab in the port and briefly considered frying and eating it, but I ended up not doing it.


HKP: What are some of the standout tracks on the mini album, aside from the title track, and what makes them special to you? 

KEITA: As soon as I heard “I <3 U,” I thought it was a song that we could freely enjoy while performing on the stage!

PARK HANBIN: For me, it’s “I <3 U,” a song with a concept and cuteness that we’ve never tried before. I think ENNVE will be surprised when they see it.

LEE JEONGHYEON: I’d also choose “I <3 U.” First of all, it is unconventional for us since it’s our first time trying the concept of confessing love in a really cute and refreshing way. Also, the choreography is impressive, with so many elements that ENNVE will like.

YOO SEUNGEON: It’s “Boom Bari” for me. From the first listen, it felt very fresh, and that intrigued my curiosity about the track. The more I listened to it, the more addictive it felt. I especially like it because it’s the kind of song you would listen to while relaxing on a sunbed at the beach.

JI YUNSEO: I like “I <3 U.” It’s a genre we’ve never really tried before, and the lyrics and choreography are so cute and refreshing that we had a lot of fun performing it. Also, I think our fans will truly enjoy watching this performance, so I’m looking forward to it. 

MUN JUNGHYUN: I like “XO” because the more I listen to the song, the more excited I get.

PARK JIHOO: For me, “I <3 U” is the most memorable. I found it interesting that the theme of the song was, ‘What moves you is not the W-A-S-D on the keyboard, but L-O-V-E.”


HKP: Which member do you think perfectly fits the new concept the best? 

KEITA: I thought SEUNGEON’s refreshing vocals suited the best.

PARK HANBIN: If I had to pick someone other than me, I think it would be LEE JEONGHYEON. His boyish charm blends well in this song.

LEE JEONGHYEON: Everyone suits well to the concept, but if I were to choose one, I think SEUNGEON probably suits this album the best. His cool and extended high notes are especially evident in the title song, thus making the song even more refreshing and energetic. 

YOO SEUNGEON: For me it’s PARK HANBIN! I think HANBIN looks best when he works passionately, sweating while giving his best. His cool side was very evident in the new music video, so I thought he suited the album’s concept well.

JI YUNSEO: I think I fit well to this album. With a new hairstyle and a refreshing yet dreamy vibe, the album aligns well with the atmosphere I have.

MUN JUNGHYUN: I think this album is a good fit for me because I found myself adjusted better to this album compared to the previous releases, which were more powerful.

PARK JIHOO: Me! I think the choreography and refreshing concept suit me best.


HKP: What is the most significant change each member has noticed in themselves since EVNNE’s debut in September 2023? 

KEITA: As I continue to spend time with the members, I feel like we can have more fun together on stage.

PARK HANBIN: As I learned how to look better on stage and gained experience, I’m now able to consider more about what our fans would like to see from us.

LEE JEONGHYEON: I think I have grown a lot both in skill and personality through various events, such as our debut, winning first place on a music show, solo concerts, and receiving awards.

YOO SEUNGEON: Now that we have our own music and express EVNNE’s songs, I see our growth in the ability to interpret and express a song.

JI YUNSEO: My skills have definitely grown, as has my ability to enjoy the stage and communicate with the audience better.

MUN JUNGHYUN: I believe I’ve grown the most in being able to enjoy the stage more.

PARK JIHOO: By going through many experiences and lessons from our debut album to the preparation of our third mini-album, I think we learned and grew a lot. Among them, I believe my stage manners have improved the most.

HKP: You recently announced your upcoming tour, “Ride with EVNNE,” with performances in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. What are you most excited about for this tour? 

EVNNE: The most anticipated part of this tour is, of course, the fact that we will be able to meet ENNVE in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Also, we’ve heard that fans in North America not only listen to the music and watch the performances in concerts but also like to dance and enjoy the show in their own way with the artists. We are eager to see how they will enjoy our music.

We also heard that the audience makes a barking sound at concerts these days, so we want to hear it ourselves too!


HKP: What is the one thing that makes you proud to be a member of EVNNE? 

KEITA: I am very proud of our energy and passion that shine through when we’re performing on stage.

PARK HANBIN: EVNNE is a group with really high energy. Wherever we go, the members always show a lively and energetic side, and I’m happy that I see myself becoming more enthusiastic as well.

LEE JEONGHYEON: I feel grateful and proud to be part of a team with such talented team members. This is a thought I always get when performing on stage, filming content off stage, chatting in the dorm, or practicing in the practice room with the members.

YOO SEUNGEON: I usually get nervous a lot, but seeing the members do things comfortably without being nervous wherever they go makes me feel relaxed, too, which is very helpful.

JI YUNSEO: I am so proud to be able to work with members who truly love music and the stage.

MUN JUNGHYUN: I’m very proud of the members who can pull off various concepts and songs well.

PARK JIHOO: I believe other groups would feel this way for their members, and I’m proud of how close we are to each other and how we always think about improving.

HKP: What are your goals for EVNNE in the coming year, both as a group and individually? 

EVNNE: All of our members are multi-talented, and we are an all-rounder group, so we want to become a group that is active in various fields. We also hope to be able to visit ENNVE in as many places as possible and have fun together on stage. We’ve said this since our debut, but EVNNE’s goal is to always enjoy performing on stage and remain a group that loves the fans and music.

HKP: Please leave a message to your fans across the globe reading this. 

EVNNE: Thank you for always sending so much love to EVNNE. To ENNVE, who was looking forward to seeing our refreshing appearance, we hope you have a cool summer with our new song “Badder Love” this summer, and please show a lot of love for the “Badder Love” performance that we will perform on music shows during this promotion. We’ll be meeting ENNVE in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico soon, and we hope you’ll look forward to what we’ll show you during the upcoming tour!


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