[Exclusive Interview] Introducing RESCENE: Rookie Girl Group Talks Debut, Dreams, & More

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Meet RESCENE, a promising rookie girl group under MUZE Entertainment that recently captured our attention with their dazzling debut. Bursting onto the scene with their digital pre-release single “Yo-Yo” on February 29th, they instantly captivated fans with their infectious energy and undeniable talent. Comprised of five members, each bringing their unique flair to the group’s dynamic, RESCENE officially debuted on March 26, 2024, with their single album “Re:Scene.”

The group’s lineup includes Woni and May on vocals, Minami showcasing her rap skills alongside her vocal prowess, Liv adding her own vocal stylings, and Zena, the group’s youngest member, rounding out the quintet with her vocal talents. Notably, Minami and Zena have gained prior experience in the competitive world of survival shows, with Minami having participated in MBC’s ‘My Teenage Girl’ and Zena in Channel A’s ‘Stars Awakening.’ With members hailing from diverse backgrounds, spanning both Korea and Japan, RESCENE’s music resonates with fans worldwide, reflecting their multicultural identity. Their youthful energy and fresh perspective have garnered them a dedicated following, further establishing their presence in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with Hellokpop, RESCENE shares their journey, aspirations, and the unique bond that unites them as they navigate the exhilarating realm of K-Pop.

Hellokpop: Nice to meet you, RESCENE! Could you please introduce yourselves and share a bit about your roles within the group?

WONI: Hello. I’m WONI, the oldest member and leader of RESCENE. I’m trying to be a leader who can help the younger members and be someone they can lean on when they’re having a hard time.

LIV: Hello, I’m LIV, the vocal fairy of RESCENE! While I may appear chic and aloof on the outside, my voice carries a sweet and melodious tone.

MINAMI: Hello, I’m MINAMI, the all-rounder of RESCENE! I can pull off a variety of concepts with ease and serve as the mood maker within the team.

MAY: Hello, I’m MAY, the sunshine of RESCENE. True to the nickname “sunshine,” I’m responsible for bringing bright vibes and positive energy to the team.

ZENA: Hello, I’m ZENA from RESCENE. I am the youngest member of the team and the mood maker.

HKP: Your album “Re:Scene” marked RESCENE’s official debut. Looking back on the process of creating the album, filming the music video, and performing, what are some memorable moments?

WONI: The first jacket shoot remains a memorable moment for me. It was not only the first shoot to kick off “Re:Scene,” but also our first official schedule as RESCENE. So, it was the moment when I first felt the significant impact of being part of a team.

LIV: I vividly remember the “UhUh”  music video shoot! Among them, the scene where flower petals were fluttering while we were dancing stands out in my memory. The sight of the petals fluttering was so beautiful, and it made me happy to see all the members enjoying themselves while dancing.

MINAMI: I acted for the first time during the filming of “YoYo,” our first music video shoot. It was a little awkward because it was harder to pay attention to each gaze, expression, and gesture than I thought, but I think it was a good experience!

MAY: The most memorable moment for me was definitely during the showcase. It was when the group name “RESCENE” and my stage name “MAY” weren’t familiar yet. I can’t forget the thrill of finally standing on the debut stage under the name of RESCENE’s MAY.

ZENA: It was our first jacket photo shoot as RESCENE, but everyone seemed awkward and clumsy because it was our first time. The “YoYo” music video shoot was also awkward since it was our first time, but during the “UhUh” music video shoot, we showed even more growth. In particular, there were many memorable parts on the day of filming “UhUh,” and I remember the scene with the rabbit, the scene of closing the door in a hurry, the scene of cutting flowers, the burning flowers, and the crying scene.


HKP: As a newly debuted group, what message or emotion do you hope to convey through your music to your audience?

WONI: I want to deliver energy through RESCENE’s songs, and I hope that the emotions we want to express in each song are conveyed well.

LIV: I want everyone watching RESCENE’s performance to be happy and be enjoy. We’ll work harder, practice, and show you our growth, so please show a lot of interest and love for RESCENE!

MINAMI: I want to deliver the energy unique to RESCENE. I hope everyone who listens to our music can gain confidence.

MAY:  I hope RESCENE’s songs are always easy to listen to and without feeling any pressure. Just like the meaning of our group, reminiscing about those moments with the scent of music, we hope that everyone can feel the nostalgia of those times after listening to our songs. More than anything, I hope everyone will gain strength from listening to RESCENES songs.

ZENA:  I hope that when you listen to our songs again in the future, it brings back good memories of this time, just like our group’s concept of recalling scenes with a scent.

HKP: Each member of RESCENE brings unique talents and qualities to the group. Can you share how your individual strengths contribute to the group dynamic?

WONI: I lead RESCENE with strong leadership, making the group even stronger and guiding the members in a positive direction.

LIV: With my energetic dance moves and strong voice, I feel like I’ve become the team’s pillar.

MINAMI: I stabilize the team’s live performances with my unwavering voice.

MAY: We came together as RESCENE, with members each having different charms. I believe my cheerful personality helps the members when they feel tired or exhausted.

ZENA: I have a talent for using facial expressions well. Although I still have room for improvement, I think I can enrich the stage by using facial expressions noticeably well.


HKP: Your performance on “It’s Live” with a live band was incredible! How did you feel backstage before stepping onto the stage? Were there any nerves, or were you more excited?

WONI: I was really nervous because it was something I wanted to appear on the most since before my debut. It was a place where we had to show our skills, so I felt a strong desire to do well.

LIV: I was both nervous and excited! I really wanted to go on “It’s Live,” and performing with a band made me so happy that I was really trembling!

MINAMI: It was such an honor to appear on the show that I had really wanted to be on since I was a trainee! Maybe that’s why I was even more nervous. Also, the ‘YoYo’ arrangement with the band’s sound felt new, so it was fun to sing!

MAY: I have always wanted to go on “It’s Live” since before my debut, so appearing on it was a moment that made me realize, ‘I really have become an idol.’ I think I was more nervous backstage than usual because I wanted to do well.

ZENA: I have watched a lot of “It’s Live,” so participating on it didn’t feel real. I joined it with an excited heart.

HKP: With each member contributing their unique vocal color, how do you collaborate to harmonize and blend your voices, crafting the distinctive sound that defines RESCENE?

WONI: During practice, we shared the emotions we felt from listening to the song and our individual styles. It’s great that we each have unique voices, so when singing together, the mood can feel different from member to member. 

LIV: By bringing out each other’s vocal colors and harmonizing, we create a unique sound that’s distinctly RESCENE!

MINAMI: All five of us have different, charming vocal tones, so by adjusting to each other, we can create a variety of moods in one song.

MAY: Each of us has a unique voice, and by sharing a single emotion while singing, we can present the captivating songs of RESCENE that you hear now.

ZENA: Since we all have different and distinctive vocals, harmonizing together creates a harmonious sound and the unique essence of RESCENE.


HKP: The name RESCENE combines the meanings of “scene” and “scent.”  If RESCENE were to have a signature fragrance that represents the group, what scents would it include, and why?

WONI: I think it would be a subtle flower scent, like the fragrance you smell when you open the door to a flower shop, like a blend of various flowers coming together to create an even better scent.

LIV: Just like how a pleasant shampoo fragrance spreads when you toss your hair, I hope the charm of RESCENE can spread far and wide with just one move.

MINAMI: Since we are a group with diverse charms like flowers, I think a floral scent suits RESCENE well.

MAY: I don’t think we can express RESCENE with a single flower scent; instead, I think we can express ourselves with the scent of a bouquet of flowers. Just as members with different charms come together to become RESCENE.

ZENA: I think it will be a colorful flower scent because when all the members gather, they create a fragrant scent like several flowers.

HKP: What’s one essential item that each member can’t leave the house without?

WONI: I always bring lotion and cream. They are a must-have for me because my face is rather dry.

LIV: I always carry cosmetics such as tints, cushions, and lenses in my bag when I go out!

MINAMI: I think the end of fashion is fragrance, so I always carry perfume with me.

MAY: I have a pouch that I carry with me in my bag. It contains a lucky charm given by my friend, pictures of the members and their favorite people, and small dolls that my friend gave me as her alter ego, so I really take it with me like a charm.

ZENA: I always carry a bag with me, and I make sure to bring my lenses.


HKP: What’s a hidden talent or hobby that each member has that fans might not know about?

WONI: The members are so into cooking these days that they make various dishes. They compliment each other on their homemade dishes and share them like students on a picnic.

LIV: My main hobbies after work are usually watching dramas or YouTube and monitoring when I go to school. I also like to take pictures, so I take pictures of the scenery while passing by and of the members often!

MINAMI: I have a routine of writing in my diary every day! I jot down not only my schedule but also my goals for the day and how I felt, writing whatever comes to mind and whatever I want to note down.

MAY: Actually, before I had the dream of becoming an idol, I dreamed of being a designer. I enjoyed sewing and making doll clothes and mending them with a sewing machine. Nowadays, I don’t have much time, so I can’t make or sew clothes, but I’m still really good at sewing.

ZENA: I am good at making a variety of funny and interesting facial expressions!

HKP: What are your aspirations and goals for RESCENE as a group in the coming years?

WONI: My dream is to be deeply embedded in the hearts of the public, grow up (mature), and have a world tour. I want to be loved in many countries, too.

LIV: I hope that our five unique charms come together as one and spread widely across the world with my members! My goals are to achieve first place on a music show and win a Rookie of the Year award.

MINAMI: This year, I want to showcase our charm through various content so that more people can learn about the group RESCENE.

MAY: My goal as a member of RESCENE is to continue performing with my members for as long as possible without getting hurt. Just as everyone has a peak moment in their life, I want to reach that peak together with my members as RESCENE. We will continue to grow and show you our progress.

ZENA: RESCENE aims to win first place on a music show, win Rookie of the Year and grand prizes, and even make it to the Billboard charts. We will work hard!


HKP: How do you stay connected with fans, and what role do they play in your journey as artists?

WONI: We gain strength from the support of our fans and immerse ourselves in practice, so we can’t fully express our gratitude in words. To communicate more and show our appreciation, we try to interact for longer periods and more frequently during our commute to and from schedules, communication apps, and social media.

LIV: Like my family and friends, I want to see my fans constantly, so I communicate through various kinds of content!

MINAMI: While we can communicate with fans in various ways, I try to talk more than usual whenever there’s an opportunity to meet and talk with them in person. Fans are like sunshine to me. Without them, everything feels dark and empty, so they are an essential part of my life.

MAY: I communicate with fans through face-to-face fan sign events, communication apps, and social media. Having fans for the first time in my life, I feel really happy and reassured that I can do anything in the future, and I think it motivates me to work harder as RESCENE.

ZENA: I communicate with fans through fan sign events, social media, live broadcasts, and communication apps. Fans tell me “You gave me strength and helped me,” which makes me happy. Their support, kind words, and encouragement give me strength and encouragement as well.

HKP: Lastly, please leave a message for your fans, especially those who have supported you since your debut.

WONI: We’ve wrapped up our first debut album activities, and thanks to your support and encouragement, which we’re still getting used to, this album has been an opportunity for us to grow even more. Thank you so much. We’ll come back with better performances, so please show us a lot of love!

LIV: It’s been two months since our debut! We started with “UhUh” and ended our promotions with “YoYo.”  I’m so happy to be able to communicate, laugh, and talk with our fans for the past two months, and I was so happy with each moment we spent together! To our fans, let’s always stay together with RESCENE! We’ll be back with our next activities. I love you all!

MINAMI: To all our fans! Thank you so much for always supporting RESCENE with beautiful hearts! I want to repay your support and love, but I still have a lot to learn and improve. I’ll do my best to be a source of strength for you, even if it’s just a little! Please never forget that we love you just as much! I’ll always strive to be a Minami of RESCENE who works hard anytime, anywhere!

MAY: Thank you so much for supporting and loving RESCENE since our debut. Our first activities have already come to an end, and I’m so grateful and full of love for everyone who joined us for our first journey together. Let’s be together for a long time! We will be RESCENE who works harder!

ZENA: I’m so thankful, and I love you all for loving and supporting us since our debut and beyond. I cherish you all so much. We’ll work harder, so please love us a lot! Let’s be together forever!

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