[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] MCND Unplugged: Behind the Scenes of [X10] With K-Pop’s Rising Stars

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Step into the world of MCND as they reflect on their sixth mini album, ‘X10,’ in this exclusive interview.

MCND, a dynamic quintet in the K-pop scene, has been leaving a lasting impression since their debut on February 27, 2020, with their first mini-album, “Into the Ice Age.” Prior to their official debut, they made waves with the digital single “Top Gang” on January 2, 2020, setting the stage for their energetic and innovative style. Their name, MCND, stands as an acronym for “Music Creates New Dream,” reflecting their mission to inspire and create through their music.

Since their debut, MCND has been on a relentless journey of growth and exploration, consistently delivering powerful performances and hit songs. Their discography is a testament to their versatility and creativity, with releases like “Earth Age,” “MCND Age,” “The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.1,” and “The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.2” captivating audiences worldwide and cementing their status as one of the industry’s most exciting acts. Their latest albums, [ODD-VENTURE] and [X10], serve as clear indicators of their growth and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in both their music and performances.

In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of speaking with MCND for the second time, delving into their journey since our last conversation. Join us as we catch up with the members – Castle J, BIC, Minjae, Huijun, and WIN – as they reflect on their sixth mini album, [X10], their evolution as artists, their ‘ODD-VENTURE tour, and more.

Hellokpop: Congratulations on your sixth mini-album, [X10]! Can you tell us a little more about this album?

Castle J: This album encapsulates the exhilarating victories that MCND is achieving [has achieved so far]. “Teamwork” is the most important keyword for this album.

HKP: What were some of the key influences or inspirations behind [X10]? How did you incorporate these influences into the album?

BIC: We drew a lot of inspiration from the word “teamwork.” So, we can say that our new song, “X10,” represents passion and teamwork!

HKP: How does [X10] build upon or expand the journey you started in your previous mini-album [ODD-VENTURE]?

Huijun: It’s [this album] an adventure into an unknown world that started with ODD-VENTURE. It’s about the five of us becoming one, overcoming any obstacles that come our way, and heading toward the exact center of the target without hesitation.

Castle J

HKP: MCND has been actively involved in the creative process of your albums. How did each member contribute to the creation of [X10]? Any particular aspects or songs they were heavily involved in?

Castle J: I participated in “X10, “Perfect Pitch (Tuning),” and “TOP GANG Vol.2.” However, I have the most affection for “TOP GANG Vol.2” because all the members participated in it.

HKP: How does the title track of [X10] encapsulate the essence of the album? Are there any particular lyrics or melodies that stand out to you?

Minjae: The lyrics “Shoot without hesitation” and the beat heard right away match well with each other. I think that part is the highlight [of the song], so please listen for it.

Huijun: There’s a lyric that says, “Shoot without hesitation.” That’s my favorite part because it gives me the feeling of running toward the goal without hesitation.

HKP: Can you give us a spoiler on the concept and storyline of the music video for the title track of [X10]? Were there any memorable moments, TMIs, or challenges you faced while filming?

BIC: There’s a story that we each participate in different games to reach our goals. This time, we also filmed a group dance scene wearing American football outfits.

WIN: It rained a lot on the day of the music video shoot. Everyone was worried, but when we saw the music video footage, the rain added a more dramatic effect, like a youth drama.

HKP For Castle J: As the leader, how do you keep the group motivated during long studio sessions for [X10]?

Castle J: I think I brightened up the mood by playing pranks on the members or cheering them on while watching photos and videos.

HKP For BIC: How did you approach your rap verses on [X10]? Were there any particular themes or messages you wanted to convey through your lyrics?

BIC: Castle J wrote the lyrics very well, and I think the message of one team, one goal, and the word and symbol of X10 goes well with the arrow-shooting choreography.

HKP For Minjae: How did you challenge yourself vocally in [X10] compared to previous releases?

Minjae: I tried to put my own color into all the songs as much as possible. I recorded the songs so that they showed off my strengths.


HKP For Huijun: How did you approach showcasing your vocal range and versatility in [X10]? Are there any songs that you felt particularly excited to record?

Huijun: I tried to use different voice tones for each song. Especially, X10 had a lot of high notes, so I paid a lot of attention to it, and TOP GANG Vol.2 felt new because it was not something I usually did.

HKP For WIN: As the maknae of MCND, how do you feel your role has evolved since your debut, and how does [X10] showcase your growth?

WIN: I can confidently say that I’ve grown a lot in terms of my skills, and I think I’ve gained a lot of experience by studying alone. But whether it’s at debut or now, I think I’m still the youngest to my older brothers!

HKP: If you could pick one track from [X10] to represent each member’s personality, which track would you assign to each member and why?

BIC: I think I would assign “TOP GANG Vol.2” to all the members. I think this song is just MCND!

WIN: I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I think all the songs represent us well.


HKP: If [X10] had a theme park based on it, what would it be?

Minjae: I think it would be a colorful theme park with various sports activities included.

Huijun: I think it would be a theme park that is like an RPG game!

HKP: Looking back at your journey from debut to now, how do you feel [X10] represents the evolution of MCND as a group?

Castle J: I think it is an album that represents our group’s unity and teamwork.

WIN: It [the album] shows our cool growth.


HKP: The last time we spoke, you were gearing up for your 2024 world tour, which began in February. Are there any memorable moments or experiences from the tour that influenced the album?

BIC: The most memorable moments during the tour were with the fans, but the whole tour process was very memorable. Now, I want to go to places I’ve never been before and meet a lot of GEM!

Minjae: Everywhere was memorable, but the performance in Warsaw, Poland, during the European tour was the most memorable. It was the first time we went there, and it was the end of the tour, so I had a hard time physically, but I have good memories of harmonizing and enjoying the performance with the cheers of Gem. Even now, I feel like I can hear the cheers of the Gems I met in Europe and America, and I get strength thinking about it!

HKP: Lastly, please leave a message for fans around the world.

MCND: Gems around the world, please give us a lot of love for our 6th mini album [X10]! Stay healthy always, and we’ll see you soon!


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