[Exclusive Interview] SECRET NUMBER on their latest album “DOXA,” Share Immense Love for LOCKEY, and More!

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Get to know SECRET NUMBER through this exclusive interview.

SECRET NUMBER, a six-member girl group under Vine Entertainment, made its official debut on May 19, 2020, with the single album, Who Dis? 

The multinational group consists of Léa from Japan, Dita from Indonesia, Jinny from the United States, and Minji, Soodam, and Zuu from South Korea. The name “SECRET NUMBER” stands for the special numbers every person has in their passwords and PIN codes, such as their birthdays or some other special number. The members aim to create a special meaning and connection similar to this with their LOCKEY (SECRET NUMBER fandom name).

With their latest release, “DOXA,” SECRET NUMBER describes a toxic relationship’s infinite cycle of breakups and make-ups. The single album also includes their first-ever fan song, “Beautiful One,” dedicated to LOCKEY, which showcases the beautiful vocals and feelings of appreciation from each of the
members. When expressing their feelings about the album ahead of its release, member Zuu shared, “I feel like we have grown a lot by challenging ourselves to a new side and concept, and I hope the listeners of “DOXA” can relate to various shapes of love.”

To commemorate the release of their sixth single album, DOXA, Léa, Dita, Jinny, Minji, Soodam, and Zuu sat down with Hellokpop to discuss “DOXA,” share tips on spotting for red flags, future goals, and more. Check out the interview below, and make sure to grab some tissue LOCKEY. It’s undeniable your group loves you.

Disclaimer: This interview was conducted in English with the assistance of a translator.

Hellokpop: Nice to meet you, SECRET NUMBER! Thanks for speaking to Hellokpop. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): Great meeting you all, and it’s my honor to be here talking to you. My name is Léa, the oldest member of SECRET NUMBER.

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): Thank you for having us, HELLOKPOP! I’m Dita, and I’m the main dancer. Some fans call me SECRET NUMBER’s Disney princess because I love Disney! 

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): Hello HELLOKPOP and the HELLOKPOP readers, I’m Jinny, the main rapper of SECRET NUMBER!  

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): Hello, everyone! I’m Soodam, the rabbit-like character of SECRET NUMBER.

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): Hi, everyone! My name is Minji, the “soft master-singer orange.”

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): Hi, HELLOKPOP readers! I’m the maknae of SECRET NUMBER, who’s back with the new song, “DOXA.”

HKP: Congratulations on your comeback with DOXA. Can you tell us a little more about this album?  What messages or feelings do you hope fans take away from your new music?

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): Thank you! Our main topic of the 6th single album DOXA is “Love”. We’re covering different sides of love for each track, the title track, “DOXA,” covers a toxic relationship, and the b-side, “Beautiful One,” expresses our love towards our fans. Through “DOXA,” we hope that the fans can relate to such feelings and situations of a complicated relationship (if they are confronting them), and through “Beautiful One,” we wanted to let our fans know that we’re always so thankful and grateful for them just like the song’s lyrics.  

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): The title track, “DOXA,” is a story of a toxic love in which the couple breaks up and makes up countless times. Once you listen to it, you will be addicted to our charm! The side track is a sweet song dedicated to our fans. These two songs are very different, and I hope you will find such different sounds even more interesting.

HKP: What were your feelings about “DOXA” the first time you heard it?

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): I was very overwhelmed by the brass inserts when I first heard the song, and I wanted that part to be my own. I ended up singing the part, which made me very happy.

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): I was actually hooked on the intro of the song, which is very intense and strong compared to other songs that we sang so far. The intro was the part that I wanted to sing, and I was glad to be able to in the end.

HKP: What do you think the killing part of “DOXA” is?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): There are many killing parts in the song, but my favorite is when I sing “빠져들어 ppajyeodeureo (Deep dive in). Everyone, deep dive into SECRET NUMBER!

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): As much as I love my part in the chorus, every time I hear Jinny’s rap, it’s so amazing and charismatic. So I’d have to say Jinny’s rap verse is “DOXA”’s killing part.

HKP: The song “Beautiful One” is a fan song. Can you tell us more about the history of this song and how it came to be?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): I have always wanted to include a fan song in our album, but it was very difficult to get the timing right. “DOXA” is a song about toxic love, so it felt right to include a love song for our fans as the side track. Jinny added the name of our fandom, LOCKEY, into her rap verse, which made the song more complete.

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): I think Jinny’s rap verse says a lot about how we feel for our fans. I love it even more because I know the effort she put into writing the verse.

HKP: Are there any behind-the-scenes moments or any TMI you can share about this comeback?

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): When I shot my solo cuts, I had to eat a cake, and there were worms on the cake (of course, it’s fake). Even though I knew those were not real, the cake didn’t look so appetizing anymore, so I just did it in one go. Thankfully in the music video, it looked like I enjoyed the cake. 

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): I cried while practicing for the side track, “Beautiful One.” Jinny’s rap verse was exactly what I wanted to say to our fans, so I became teary.  

HKP: Your music video for “DOXA” is so cool. Can you tell us about each of your characters in the story portrayed in the music video?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): The music video is about five personalities in one body (Soodam). I was the good that wanted to be bad.

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): The “DOXA” music video is mostly about good and evil. I portrayed the embodiment of evil, and if you look closely, Soodam, who was portraying “the good,” changes into me, “the evil,” at some point. And so does the rest of us, we change into other characters throughout the music video. It’s a fun detail to look at when you watch it! 

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): I played the role of “The Ultimate Evil One,” where I acted like I was vandalizing a bathroom by spray painting and also burning a flower.  

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): The music video’s motif was identities, and I played the part of ultimate good. In the end, you will be able to see that there are six total personalities in my body.

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): My character had both good and evil in it, so my wings are black and white. The design of my nails is also in line with my character.

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): I am the evil that used to be good. You will be able to see me acting like a bad child, throwing snacks and cereal in the air and eating candy.

HKP: Is there any connection between it and your previous music videos for “DOOMCHITA” or “TAP?”

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): A locked treasure box has always been showing up in each music video, and it’s gradually being opened. The box first showed up in the “DOOMCHITA” music video, then the key was shown in the “TAP” music video, and then in the music video for “DOXA,” finally the box was opened, and an invitation came out of the treasure box.  

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): The key is the lock box that keeps appearing in our music videos. Be on the lookout for these lock boxes that represent SECRET NUMBER’s universe! 

HKP: “DOXA” describes a toxic relationship of constantly making up and breaking up. Do you have any advice for LOCKEY about red flags to look out for?

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): There are a lot of points in the song that make you instantly fall for us, so you need to be careful, especially around those points!

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): I want to say “love yourself” to LOCKEYs. I think it is important that you love yourself as much as you love others.

HKP: Speaking of LOCKEY. What is your most memorable moment with LOCKEY?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): Every moment is precious, but I feel the best whenever we take photos with our fans after a performance.

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): It’s really hard to just pick one! Every moment with LOCKEYs is really precious to me. But if I had to choose, I would have to say KCON Saudi Arabia. We got the chance to be in the lineup because our fans voted for us! 

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): Since we debuted when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, all our promotions were carried out online, so we actually couldn’t perform in front of an audience or meet our fans in person. Therefore, our first offline fan meeting was one of the most memorable moments with LOCKEYs. 

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): To me, the recent fan meet that was held in Japan is memorable. We were able to see them at the closest distance, and I’ve been waiting to meet them in person for three years ever since our debut. It was the most touching moment for me.

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): For me, it’s the KCON that we were able to attend because our fans voted for us. It was the first time for all of us to visit Saudi Arabia, and I love all the memories we made there. Also, I really wanted to perform at KCON ever since I was a trainee, so it is something that I value more than others.

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): It is when I first greeted our fans through the communication app. Their warm words of support and welcome gave me courage and confidence, and I am so grateful that I have been able to grow to be a better artist to this point because of that.

HKP: This is your first Korean comeback of 2023. Did you face any challenges or pressures preparing for this comeback?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): Now that it’s been 3 years since our debut, I can’t say we are a rookie anymore. I feel that I need to be more professional than before. For instance, with this comeback, I thought the most about how to improve my facial expressions. I took a lot of videos of my facial expressions to practice.

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): It was very challenging to come up with something unique, especially with the hair styling. Having to pull off such a powerful concept made us feel pressured, but I’m glad that the fans like it and that they are finding our new look fresh. 

HKP: With such busy schedules, how do you energize yourself to keep going?

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): After a busy week or month, I like to just rest at home most of the time. I bake. I love baking and giving it out to people! It brings joy to me, too, when I see people like my baking. 

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): I find energy from the comments that our fans leave on the communication app. I find the reason why I am doing this from our fans and feel determined to do better on stage the next day.

HKP: For new fans, what do you think is SECRET NUMBER’s distinctive charm as a group, and what charms do each of you bring to the group?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): I would tell them that the members of SECRET NUMBER are actually quite shy. Though we put on strong and intense performances on stage, we are actually very childlike and shy when we are by ourselves. I think this is something that other people may find appealing. For myself, I guess my charm is friendliness.

SECRET NUMBER (Dita) SECRET NUMBER is a really fun group to know. I would say that it will be a loss for people not to know more about us! We can be really loud sometimes, but I think personally I’m more on the calmer side.

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny) I feel that SECRET NUMBER’s distinctive charm as a group would be that we’re a global group. We have members from Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and the U.S., making it beneficial to communicate with fans in various languages. By doing so, I feel like it’s easier to approach us. When it comes to performing, I personally think that I add a strong aura to the group, as my rap tone is quite bold and firm.  

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): I feel like the charming point of our group is friendliness. When we are not on stage, we are just like next-door neighbors. For myself, I think my charm is my casual appetite. I enjoy gopchang (intestines) and dakbal (chicken feet). LOCKEYs, we should go eat it together sometimes!

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): SECRET NUMBER is a group composed of members from various countries, so I think our strength is the fact that we are able to communicate in various languages. Also our distinctive, unique music is also our strength. My charming point is the vitamin-like personality and the unique tone.

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): Honestly, SECRET NUMBER is a very funny group. I think that our group’s charming point is allowing our fans to feel closer to us as we are a very friendly group, and always making them laugh. I believe my charm is that I am the high-tension maknae! Everyone, become my fan!

HKP: You’re also a multicultural group; Léa is from Japan, Dita is from Indonesia, Jinny is from the U.S., and Minji, Soodam, and Zuu are from South Korea. What do you enjoy most about your diversity as a team?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): I’m interested in learning more English, so I’m actually practicing the language myself. I love the fact that there are members who are fluent in English that I can learn from, and they are very reliable when we are overseas. I want to become fluent in English too as soon as possible.

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): As I mentioned above, I really enjoy learning and exchanging knowledge of our own languages and cultures. Also, whenever we visit countries that we’re from, the members that are from that country feel so reliable – they’re like our tour guides.  

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): I love that we can easily communicate with LOCKEYs all over the world. We can always ask our messages to be translated by an interpreter, but I think that it is more touching if we deliver messages in each country’s language ourselves. I also like the fact that I can learn languages from other members!

HKP: What are your goals for the future as artists? Can you share any spoilers LOCKEY can expect to come from SECRET NUMBER?

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): As the first female K-Pop Idol from Indonesia, my goals for the future as an artist is ambitious and deeply rooted in my passion for music and performance. I aspire to be an inspiration and empowerment for aspiring artists, proving that talent has no boundaries and that dreams can be pursued.  Also, if there is any chance, I really want to collaborate with diverse artists and producers both within the K-Pop industry and beyond, with the hope of creating music that goes above cultural boundaries and resonates with listeners across the globe.  

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): We will be more active in Japan after our debut there, and I hope to have more opportunities to meet with our fans.

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): My goal is to get our first win on a music show and go on a world tour to meet with LOCKEYs around the world.

HKP: Lastly, do you have a message you want to share for your LOCKEY?

SECRET NUMBER (Léa): Thank you always for supporting us. We will work our best to meet with LOCKEYs that we haven’t been able to greet yet, so stay well and stay healthy until then! 

SECRET NUMBER (Dita): LOCKEYs! Thank you for always having our backs. You are the reason we’re here, and we can’t thank you guys enough for the love and support that we’ve received. We will continue to work hard! 

SECRET NUMBER (Jinny): LOCKEYs! We’re finally back with our 6th single album. We prepared a lot for it, so hope you guys like it and please show lots of love. Love you always!  

SECRET NUMBER (Soodam): To our fans, thank you for your love and support for this album. We will try our best to put on the best performances and give back the love that we’ve received. Thank you.

SECRET NUMBER (Minji): To our LOCKEYs, we hope you enjoy listening to our new album, and I promise to present you with the best performance all the time. Love you!

SECRET NUMBER (Zuu): LOCKEYs, the reason for my life! I hope you enjoy this comeback as much as we do. Thank you, and love you, always!

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