G-Dragon Is An Icon In Elle Korea’s July 2023 Cover

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G-Dragon is back on the cover!

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon graced the cover of the July issue of the fashion magazine Elle. G-Dragon effortlessly absorbed the distinct vibe of the 2022–23 Chanel Atelier collection as if it were his own while posing in front of the camera wearing the Senegalese capital of Dakar–inspired clothing.

The rapper acknowledged his lengthy absence as a performer and expressed his own excitement for the new record when asked about a new album he’s been working on recently. “I guess I will know what type of sentiments I have today when the songs are completed. I am looking forward to it myself,” he replied, revealing his love for music. “As singer G-Dragon, I’ve been taking a break for a long time, so I’m working on it with pleasure and excitement.”

As an artist recognized for sharing genuine lyrics and feelings, BIGBANG’s leader saw music as a method of communication and a way for people to get to know him better. “I try to express myself through music. Looking back on the feelings depicted in my songs thus far, there is nothing that did not come from my own experience,” he said, noting his desire to engage the public as a singer-songwriter. “Music is the best way to comprehend who I am.”

When asked about being perceived to be ahead of his time, G-Dragon responded, “This is what you will hear when time passes and you have something to compare yourself to, and if so, it seems like a good thing to hear. When I look back at the people I consider iconic, they are remembered for who they are, regardless of the times or trends. I am also working hard to become that kind of person.

Source: IMBC
Photo source: Elle Korea