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Before his first-ever North American tour, GEMINI talks Still Blue, his artist identity, and what to look forward to from his shows.

Korean R&B soloist, GEMINI, prepares to embark on his first-ever tour in North America. During March, the artist will visit a total of ten cities across Canada and the USA, greeting fans here for the first time face-to-face. 


This tour comes after his London and Paris stops in Europe last May with labelmate Mirani, illustrating the growing global audience of the singer. He also recently delivered his new EP, Still Blue, in December — the project spearheading this NA tour. 

GEMINI’s recent activities reflect the emergence of a budding star, one whose music enraptures listeners from all corners of the world. Using his zodiac as his stage name, GEMINI charms fans with his diverse personality, revealed by his music. 

Fans first met the artist in H1GHR MUSIC’s first compilation album, H1GHR: BLUE TAPE alongside artists Jay Park, pH-1, and 28AV. Later, he made his official debut with the single album, Going, under @AREA, the record label founded by the producer duo, GroovyRoom. 

Soon, GEMINI hit chart achievements, ranking number 2 on iTunes’ R&B/Soul chart with his pre-release track, “MIA” off of his first EP, Inside Out. The song was a collaboration with CAMO and WOODZ, indicative of his great synergy with other creatives. The artist went on to feature other artists like BIG Naughty, Seori, and Kid Milli throughout his discography.

Ahead of his milestone NA tour, GEMINI spoke to Hellokpop to tease what fans can look forward to from the concerts and beyond.

Hellokpop (HKP): Hello, GEMINI! Firstly, thanks for taking the time to speak to Hellokpop. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

GEMINI: Hi Hellokpop readers! I’m GEMINI, an R&B alternative artist based in Seoul, South Korea.

HKP: Congratulations on your upcoming North American tour! This is the first time you’ll greet your North American fans face-to-face. What excites you the most about this upcoming tour?

GEMINI: Well, it’s my first time performing in North America and meeting my fans there. I’ve been to Europe to perform and meet my fans, but it’s always thrilling to meet my new fans in a new world.

HKP: What impression do you hope to leave on fans about who you are as an artist after a GEMINI concert?

GEMINI: I hope my fans can experience two sides of me, like my name, GEMINI.

HKP: Can you provide any teasers of what fans can look forward to from the show? Is there a particular song you’re excited to perform live?

GEMINI: Looking forward to performing songs from my new EP, Still Blue. It’s my first time.


HKP: The tour comes shortly after you delivered your latest EP, Still Blue. What general message or theme do you hope fans take away from your latest music?

GEMINI: If you listen to Still Blue top to bottom, you will be able to feel the emotion I put in. And it would be fun to find out how my feelings changed through my first EP, Inside Out, and Still Blue.

HKP: A big part of your artist identity as ‘GEMINI’, as well as your music itself, is to showcase your diversity. What is a genre you would like to explore in the future that you have not yet tackled?

GEMINI: I listen to many different kinds of music, and I’ve already made pop, house, ballad, and even hip-hop tracks. I can’t wait to share these with the world.

HKP: As someone who refuses to be limited when it comes to music, how do you balance experimentalism with retaining your distinct identity/sound as an artist?

GEMINI: I just express what I like and feel through music. Of course I get influenced by a lot of different artists, but I try to make something based on my experience.

HKP: From your EP release to your tour announcement and with many fashion schedules in between, you continue displaying your growth as a rising global artist. What has it felt like to have such impressive growth since your debut?

GEMINI: I don’t let myself be limited in Korea. We live in a world where everybody can be connected easily, and I try to take advantage of this. 


HKP: What’s your goal for this year, personally or as an artist?

GEMINI: I’m working on my first LP. I don’t know when it will come out, but I want to share it with my fans this year. And hopefully a world tour with this album!

HKP: Lastly, can you please share a message of love for your fans?

GEMINI: Thank you for listening to my music and showing all your love. I always check my DMs and I feel so loved. I’ll try to meet my fans wherever they are but first stop, North America, here I come!

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Our kind thanks to GEMINI and Unbound Entertainment Group for this interview. This interview was conducted in English. 

Image Source: Unbound Entertainment Group | @AREA