ITZY Talks About Their New Concept & Recommended Song From “CRAZY IN LOVE”

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ITZY is back with an album to remember!

JYP Entertainment’s prized female quintet ITZY has recently released their first full-length album CRAZY IN LOVE.

Before dropping their highly-awaited album on September 24 at 1 PM KST, the girls first participated in an interview with media outlets where they shared their excitement about their music release.

ITZY’s charismatic leader Yeji said, “Since it’s a full album that many fans have been waiting for, I prepared the album with even more joy. It was especially nice to be able to listen to more songs to the fans. Also, we filmed the music video for the b-side song for the first time. I hope you will like it a lot. As it is an album that all the members put all their heart into preparing, I have high expectations for this activity as well.”

The girls also talked about their new concept. “It seems different for ITZY to sing about the feeling of loving someone. In particular, the feeling of love is expressed with ‘LOCO,’ another word for ‘Crazy.’ It has a new feeling musically, so I hope you will listen carefully to how it has changed,” said Lia.

For Yuna, she said fans can see another side of them through their comeback. “Until now, we dealt with themes revolving around ‘me,’ or ‘for myself.’ With this new album, we’ll show what it’s like to be so caught up in love that you don’t know what to do with yourself. It captures all the ups and downs that come with being attracted to someone. I think can come across as endearing,” she said.

CRAZY IN LOVE contains 16 songs bannered by the title track “LOCO.” When asked what song they would like to recommend to fans, Yeji chose the feel-good song “Chillin Chillin.” Lia and Chaeryong picked “LOVE is” because it is emotional and moving. Moreover, Ryujin recommended “Gas Me Up” while Yuna suggested “Sooo LUCKY.”

Watch their stunning “LOCO” music video below:

Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment

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