Ji Soo Shares Inspiring Messages About Reaching His Young Dreams

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Every role Ji Soo has done so far – he made it with utter commitment and love for the career he signed up for.

Known for his roles as supporting male lead, Ji Soo has been proving his flexibility as an actor. For his new drama, When I Was The Most Beautiful, the actor is primed to take the main lead. On its opening week, his trademark character immersion is on point.

In the preview of his pictorial-interview with Singles Korea for September issue, the actor is featured in pensive-looking mood. Garbed in pieces of clothing from Gucci, Versace, Fred Perry among others; he looks every bit a man who weathered the storms of being young convincingly.

Ji Soo

Confessing about his young dream to become an actor came early, his first impressions were “it was fun and difficult”. His curiosity led to him following a friend who attended an acting academy, and the rest is history.

“No matter how long it seems, it seems that it is a field that cannot be conquered, so I wanted to keep it for a long time,” Ji Soo said.

Relaying the perks of his profession, he takes pride of how boredom does not strike easily. For the reason that the script and people he met are different. He enjoys traveling to places to shoot and immerse to a different person for new role he takes.

Feeling grateful, Ji Soo said, “I wonder if there is a better job to experience life richly. I can only express that I am blessed.”

Ji Soo

Further expressing the joy of doing what he likes, he gave a meaningful answer when asked about what has transpired from his young dreams.

“I’m not sure about that, but there are times when I suddenly think of this. At that time, when you vaguely imagine and feel like you are in the moment you dreamed of. It is especially fascinating when you realized it has become a reality.”

Giving quick lessons about life, Ji Soo has left smart and inspiring messages. “Don’t dwell on the moment. Enjoy even the stress. Time flows faster than you think.”

Source/Photos: Singles Korea