Kang Ha Neul: “I Actually Love Being At Home”

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And who does not want to stay at home with Kang Ha Neul?

Our favorite neighborhood police from When The Camellia Blooms recently had a pictorial interview with fashion magazine 1st Look.

Taking a quirky concept, the photos showcases pictures of daily life that has since changed owing to the pandemic situation.

Bursting in colors, the photos of Kang Ha Neul show off his flirtatious smile and mischievous vibe.

In the accompanying interview, the actor confessed to have been a homebody in real life. He likes being at home because when he’s alone, he feels free to think more.

“When I don’t have work, I do almost nothing at home. I just do yoga or read a book,” Kang Ha Neul said.

One of the preview photos flaunts the actor’s flexibility. Another photo evokes endearing mood as he poses with child actor Kim Joon from Hospital Playlist.

More of Kang Ha Neul’s pictorial-interview content can be viewed on 1st Look’s social media channels.

Source: Sports Donga

Photos: 1st Look