MAMAMOO’s Solar Talks Solo Music + Taking Risks In Fun Pictorial With Marie Claire

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Solar looks radiant in her latest photoshoot with Marie Claire and impresses with her daring mentality towards music and life!

MAMAMOO’s Solar stunned the readers of Marie Claire in her latest photoshoot with the magazine. Featuring contrasting looks of sleek streetwear and modern chic outfits, the artist graced the pages of the pictorial with a refreshing blend of looks. Solar’s hair and makeup remained minimal, allowing her natural beauty to shine through.


During her interview with the magazine for the May 2020 issue, Solar spoke candidly about her career in sensational girl group MAMAMOO, as well as her emerging solo work.

On Music

In April, the loved singer released her first solo album titled Spit It Out. Solo admits her first venture into solo work was nerve-wracking. Since she was used to having the other members with her to cover mistakes if any occurred, their absence made her nervous, “I remember that I was more nervous than my debut stage – the pressure to take responsibility for everything alone was strong”.

This album was a project of self-expression. She combined her love for hip-hop and dance music with her self-written lyrics, creating her own distinct sound.

Despite her fears, she gained strength through her fans that cheered her on during the process and the strong support of her other members.


Looking ahead, if she ever had the chance to host a solo concert, Solar explains it would likely resemble her solo stages thus far – more of a “comprehensive art performance” rather than a concert.

Additionally, if able to, she hopes to release a collaboration one day. Particularly, Solar would like to work with Changmo because she admires his work and attitude towards music.

MAMAMOO has no set date for new music so far, but Solar promises to show more exciting sides of the group.

The Importance of Being Daring

Most notably, Solar’s project Spit It Out revealed controversial concept photos which included images of the singer in shaved hair. In an industry largely dominated by the topic of public appearance, Solar admits the bold move was not made without fear. She states, “Honestly, I’m afraid. In fact 99% of the company’s staff objected to shaving. I did it because I wanted to, but I thought people might not like it”.

Solar wanted to showcase a “raw” look at herself to the public. Facing possible criticism, she proceeded anyway. This daring attitude is what the artist lives by; she tries to take courageous challenges and try new things. While some hate the look, some loved it, but Solar feels proud in the meaningful decision and has no regrets.

This is the message of her title track, “Spit It Out”. Solar encourages her fans, “even if you have adversity, this song contains my thoughts to do what you want to do with passion”.


On Her YouTube channel

Besides her music, Solar also uses her YouTube channel as a platform for self-expression. She explains that this is her only hobby besides music, and so it is very stress relieving. She is currently documenting her live through vlogs, which reveal moments such as the preparation stages for her album and her attempts to study English.

So far, her videos documenting her singing or dancing receive high praise and Solar sincerely thanks fans for the compliments.

While her videos are comprised of many small projects, Solar hopes to someday feature a large-scale event on her channel. She laughs as she explains, “for example, go to an uninhabited island and spend two days and one night” there.

Her album promotions may be over, but the artist remains busy with her passion project and is grateful to those who enjoy her content.

Fans can enjoy Solar’s full feature in the May 2020 edition of Marie Claire.

Source: Marie Claire

Image Source: Marie Claire