MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Delves Into Discussions Of Art, Lifestyle, And Stage Preparations In Singles Korea’s June 2020 Issue

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The sensibilities of MONSTA X’s Minhyuk when it comes to various aspects of art and life shone through his latest pictorial and its accompanying insightful interview.

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk took on his first solo photoshoot with Singles Korea for their June 2020 issue—and to say that he slayed it is an understatement.

monsta x minhyuk

The MONSTA X member stayed gorgeous as ever as he flaunted comfortable and casual looks in his photos for the magazine. Exuding warmth which reflected his personality, Minhyuk makes you think that he’s a professional model with the way he commands the camera with his presence. Don’t get mistaken though, because it’s only his first solo photoshoot.

“I didn’t think it was my first solo photoshoot because I took a lot of photos, but I felt a bit burdened,” he laughingly confessed.

“Having so many interviews, I feel like I’m a better person than I thought. Doing something [like this] makes me feel that I’m alive and have a presence,” the idol shared as well.

His thoughts on life

Just like how lights and shadows coexist, Minhyuk also noted a side of him that is a bit unfamiliar and strange to others.

“I’m going through a lot of life processes as Lee Minhyuk, and because I got so used to this life, I think I go on as if the real Lee Minhyuk is the same as what others also see from outside. At this point, I still don’t know what Lee Minhyuk is really like. It’s not just bright and it’s not dark – I’m just ordinary but I try to show my passionate self, and that’s what made Lee Minhyuk from MONSTA X happen,” the idol thoughtfully shared.

“I think I chase after what’s next even more because I’ve been loved for my current image and appearance. Behind this, there might be an unexpected face and side of me that’s crouching down. I’m not really sure if it’s just behind this side of me or if it’s another [side] of me altogether. That’s why I tried to show the Lee Minhyuk during “off time” in this pictorial. I don’t dream of changing my image, but if I’m always the same, I will fall into mannerism. I think making a little change gives a little rhythm that pulls me away from a repetitive pattern,” he added.

monsta x minhyuk

His fashion preferences

Currently, Minhyuk notes that the most hip thing for him is fashion.

“Clothes can also be good and bad looking. It come out odd a bit, but I don’t like the good-looking clothes that others prefer. Good-looking clothes based on my standards, for example, are styling black jeans, white T-shirts and basic jackets under the concept of black and white. The composition itself fits neatly and it goes without any clutter, so it’s impeccable. It makes people take a step back because of its seamless perfection,” he shared.

On the contrary, he said, “A more humane and affectionate style is seen as a bit unusual and makes people go “huh? This is unique.” It’s ugly clothes that make you turn your head one more time.”

“I’ve been wearing “bad-looking clothes” recently, I think maybe it’s grunge fashion style? I think vintage and retro moods are good,” the MONSTA X member admitted.

His lifestyle choices

Minhyuk also shared that he’s the type of person who doesn’t prefer crowded or noisy places. “I want to enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to music in a quiet LP bar,” he said.

Falling into the “homebody idol” category, the MONSTA X member also recounted what he usually does at home.

“First, I remove fine dust in beds and beddings with a fine dust vacuum cleaner given by Kihyun. Although it takes a long time to do it, I often vacuum for my health because I like clean things. I’ve also felt the need to take care of my skin for some time now, and time flies when I go searching the Internet for things about cosmetics,” he shared.

“And it may sound out of the blue, but I like science, so if I see related videos about quantum physics, relativity theory, mystery, supernatural phenomenon, and other related stuff, YouTube’s algorithms keep showing videos that suit my taste so I keep on watching. After a day, two days… it gets to the point where I end up feeling like I don’t have enough time, so let’s say the title “homebody” is custom-made for me,” the singer laughingly admitted.

His connection with art

The MONSTA X member is also well-known among his fans for his love of art. He has gifted them photos of his artworks in the past, and many had been amazed with his unique style and passion for activities like painting.

“I’ve been famous for making a drawing room in the dorm. Do I have any thoughts on [making] an exhibit? The bag that I brought today was something I personally customized. I have done an exhibit once with Kihyun, who likes taking pictures, and I am satisfied with my experience from it. I run off to draw when I’m given free time and when something enters my mind,” Minhyuk shared.

“As for doing an exhibit, I’ll take my time to think about it because if I get stressed from it, it no longer becomes a hobby and it can’t be a healing experience for me,” he said.

When asked if he overcomes stress by drawing or customizing items, Minhyuk answered, “For artists, who are sensitive, they say that having a way of relieving stress is more important than anything else. It doesn’t relieve me a hundred percent, but it has some sedative effect on me. The day I customized my bag was also a peaceful and relaxing day where I had no schedule. I like the results of not learning from anyone and [prefer] getting an end product instead by trying to do things myself despite failing repeatedly.”

His art works

“One day, I suddenly fell in love with oil painting, and I didn’t know how to draw it, but I wanted to do it so badly that I bought the necessary materials without any information. There’s a situation where I tried drawing 10 failed ones and then got 5 satisfying ones. It is surprisingly thrilling to explore how to mix or draw using paint. What is gained through experience without being bound to anything else becomes a medium that helps you absorb things quickly,” the singer shared.

He also noted that his favourite from all of the items that he had customized was the bag that he brought during the pictorial. “It’s made up of a balance of colors and flowers, and I like it and it’s cute. It’s my most recent work, so I carry it around constantly,” he said.

Other items he worked on which became famous among fans were his rose pendant necklace and his M ring, which he also talked about.

“I wanted to own something that belonged to me only. If you look closely at the ring, you can see the imprint of a whale tattoo next to the M to symbolize something special that only I would know. I feel a deep sense of security. With the studio, I originally had no intention of making one and did not want to make it grand, but I just rode with it as the number of materials I wanted to work on increased,” he said.

His hair, cosmetics, and skincare

Having tried various hair colors for five years so far, Minhyuk picked out which color he liked best while laughingly noting that among fans, there seems to be a divide between those who liked his black hair and those who preferred his bleached and coloured hair.

“It may sound sad for people who liked bleached hair, but black, which is close to the original hair color, is better. I wish for my face to look sharp and sensitive, and when my hair is black, the chicness that comes from the color makes my face look sharper and colder,” he said.

Much to the delight of fans, Minhyuk also dropped some details about his home skincare routine.

“I think it’s best to use one pack of sheet mask a day, and that depends on your choice of mask. There’s a type that gets washed off with water. Although the ones which are a little thick are good for washing away blemishes and dirt, I recommend the transparent sleeping pack type with lots of water content. When used, it feels refreshing on the skin and since it’s mild, it’s good to use one pack a day,” he said.

The idol also talked about layering perfumes and revealed that it isn’t actually easy.

“But I’ve been successful several times after many trials and errors. As I said before, I’m the type to try things myself even without basic knowledge, so I tested it every day. When mixing scents, I avoid scents that do not fit each other at all. For example, mixing slightly different scents in the same citrus family harmoniously blends into making a new scent. Basically, if if the base scent is the same, chances of failure are lower. You should be careful because if you mix extremely different things, it gives off a strange smell. Instead of calculating it in your head, it’s better to test the results physically,” he shared.

His activities as an idol and host

Currently, Minhyuk also takes the helm as one of the emcees of SBS’ music show Inkigayo.

Giving himself a score on how good at being an MC he thinks he is, the singer said, “I’d give myself 70 points because most won’t go for anything over 50. I’m not generous with myself. The moment I arrived at Inkigayo, I let go of myself and proclaimed, “I was born to be here as the MC!” Judging from my experience so far, I think I gained more from my efforts to work harder than I originally had.”

Their comeback falls on the month of May, which Minhyuk also noted was Family Month. “It’s embarrassing to say it myself, but I have some filial piety. In fact, there isn’t much use to spending money in life now. The company does everything for us anyway when it comes to transportation for schedules. So, if I have to spend money meaningfully, I want to spend it for my family,” he said.

The MONSTA X member then shared what the biggest driving force behind the Minhyuk of today is.

“Our fans. It’s a question that I can confidently answer,” he said. “Honestly, at first, I thought I just needed to work hard, but as time went by, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find a complete Lee Minhyuk without the staff and fans supporting me. I’ve matured a little bit,” the idol added with a laugh.

The MONSTA X vocalist also picked out “whale, light, and brightness” as hashtags that are related to him.

“It is so cool and touching to see a very big whale moving gracefully in the sea. Because of his large size, he feels pressured and looks gentle but strong. To me, whales represent a fantasy that moves and leads me and the people around me to a good place. I like big whales such as minke whales, humpback whales, and blue whales. Meanwhile, light and brightness basically symbolize the images that I show on air. It’s a hashtag that doesn’t give me stress but increases my happiness index,” he said.

His nearing comeback with MONSTA X

Of course, Minhyuk talked about his highly-anticipated comeback with MONSTA X this May 26.

“The title track “FANTASIA” is decorated with an explanatory phrase that stands out from the energetic and powerful signature of MONSTA X. In my case, there are some parts where I do high notes that you haven’t witnessed in the previous releases yet. I’m very into singing these days and I’m learning and enjoying it with the same mindset that I had during my early debut,” the idol shared.

“On the stage, we start the chorus together. The performance focused more on being rhythmical than showing group dance. MONSTA X still actually hasn’t fully understood and learned the movements of the chorus part to call it “perfect” yet. Everyone is flustered because it’s the first time that this has happened, but this choreography is so difficult that we called it the “devil’s choreography”. I’m slightly looking forward to seeing people who do cover dances shocked,” he confessed.

Given the chance to produce his own solo album, what concept and direction would Minhyuk like to take?

“It’s going to take a long time [before that], but it’s going to be so much fun. It was difficult because the group has a story to tell, but I can use a lot of my ideas in trying various things, starting from the concept to album cover. I think it will be new if my drawings and writings would be part of it. If my drawing is included, it will feel like I am being reborn through the medium that is the album. I will show you my alter ego as the 100% pure human Lee Minhyuk through slow-tempo songs, ballads, and acoustic sounds!” the singer enthusiastically answered.

His on-stage preparations

Minhyuk also shared the preparations he makes before getting on stage.

He said, “I stay still like a corpse an hour before it starts. For the most part, I stretch out my body and relax while laying down. I don’t naturally have overflowing energy, but I tend to pour out all my energy on stage. If I use it before I even start, I may experience an accident due to exhaustion, because I have to use my energy all the way up until I reach my limits. I prepare and reserve my energy thoroughly starting from the day before.”

Furthermore, the idol talked about how he took care of himself physically and mentally during their world tour.

“I go out when we have a day off. If you keep going hard when you have a rhythm, you’ll get tired for sure. It’s like how drum sounds can produce interesting rhythms and sounds only when various high hats, snares, and bass are evenly inserted, while having the sound of kicks or snares only can eventually just sound like noise,” he said, employing a metaphor.

Minhyuk added, “I can feel tired whenever I perform, so I try to entertain myself by visiting restaurants or going to amusement parks or water parks in the middle of my busy schedule.”

His tips and thoughts

The MONSTA X member also named his eyebrows as the body part that he is most confident about. He said, “My eyebrows are slightly raised eyebrows, [looking] as if they’re drawn, and it’s the same as my father and my younger brother. It plays a big role in creating a sharp look on my face, since my other features look gentle.”

Meanwhile, he noted, “I think I’m not confident with my upper lip because it’s a bit too thin. As I am 179 cm tall, I also have one more centimeter so that I can be 180 cm tall.”

Thanks to his various facial expressions, Minhyuk is also known as the “selca master” among their fans. In line with this, he shared some tips for flawless selfies.

“It comes out well if you take it without using backlight, as if you’re welcoming light all over your face. Don’t let shadows fall on your face too. You can enjoy the effect of your skin looking good and also slightly adding contour to your face like it’s edited,” he said.

Lastly, Minhyuk talked about his future dreams and possibilities.

“I’ve always had one dream: to be a good person. Being a good person for both my family and those who support me requires a lot of effort because it’s not easy to be a good person for everyone. It’s a difficult dream, but I hope you will watch my process of becoming a good person. I hope it gives you strength in this rough road,” he said.

Meanwhile, more photos of MONSTA X’s Minhyuk will be available on the June 2020 issue of Singles Korea.

Source: Singles Korea


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