MONSTA X’s Shownu And Kihyun Bare Breathtaking Visuals Along With Inner Thoughts For W Korea’s Latest Issue

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Shownu and Kihyun, who are two of MONSTA X’s versatile vocalists, have shown their expert skills in modeling for their latest pictorial.

Two of MONSTA X’s main men – the main dancer Shownu and the main vocalist Kihyun – are the stars of the latest edition of W Korea.

monsta x shownu kihyun

Showing their striking charisma, the two MONSTA X members made power and intensity jump off the fashion magazine’s pages in their recent pictorial. Together with their captivating photos, Shownu and Kihyun also talked about a variety of things on their photoshoot’s accompanying interview.

The Fascinating FANTASIA X

The group has recently returned with a new mini-album titled FANTASIA X, and this masterpiece received high anticipation from fans.

“As we have more time than originally planned, I think it’s an opportunity to pay attention to our physical condition. I heard that idols who dance a lot often get sick here and there when they get older. I’m also getting ready for my solo part and readjusting my physical condition for it,” Kihyun said.

Yes, you heard it right—Kihyun, the main vocalist, is doing a solo dance part on their comeback.

He revealed that their choreography teacher seemed to be aiming for an unexpected touch to their song, and thus, the singer was told that “it’s time to show something more impressive”. With this, Kihyun shared that he practiced until dawn every day.

Known for his amazing dancing skills, Shownu, who must have been proud of Kihyun, shared his thoughts on his groupmate’s “special part”.

“Looking at it while filming the music video, he was so cool. In fact, aside from the solo dance, it is quite difficult to fill the entire part and atmosphere alone—but Kihyun was able to lead the mood,” Shownu commented.

Kihyun also said, “The time of the solo dance itself is not long, but when I do that part, there is no one on the stage and it’s just me. Since it’s a moment that I have to fill by myself, the members are cheering me on to do well.”

Describing their newest mini-album FANTASIA X, Shownu said, “It has a variety of exciting songs, calm songs, rhythmical songs and so on. We did the style that we always showed, but we increased the scale.”

MONSTA X’s Global Success

Currently, MONSTA X has a list of career feats which include 25 shows in 20 cities around the world through their tour, Jingle Ball Tour with 120,000 audiences in six cities in the United States, number one on Japan’s Oricon Chart, and number five on the U.S. Billboard 200.

With this, there is no denying that MONSTA X’s global leap is going to greater heights. In 2019, they also helmed various activities in the U.S, and the two singers shared about their experience.

“I was worried at first. Until we released our English album All About Luv in the United States, we had several singles last year alone. But we rarely performed, and we set an atmosphere that was more like pop. We stood on the stage with a stand microphone, and our performances were gentle without intense dances,” Kihyun said.

He added, “I think we’ve shown a lot of our signature performances during our activities. We wanted to show a little different side of ourselves from before as a singer. In the process of consulting with an American company, we thought that K-Pop has already been introduced to the U.S a lot. Fortunately, the song was excellent, and all the lyrics were in English, so it was a good way for the audience to sing along. It was a new experience to carry out interactions through songs without having to do intense performances.”

MONSTA X’s entrance to the U.S market was talked about a lot, and the group’s brave choice of showing a different side instead of relying on their already-existing strengths is definitely something worth noting.

“We’ve heard things like “MONSTA X’s influence abroad is now great, but why is it not as huge in Korea?” Right now, we are focusing more on whether the results regarding our music are satisfactory, rather than focusing on gaining influence and recognition. But, of course, we want to do well in Korea too,” Kihyun commented.

Thoughts About Their Growth As Artists

The two also shared what makes them feel a sense of accomplishment.

“Tours are about showing performances of the same theme here and there, so it’s a lot of fun to see fans’ reactions when we make even the slightest different gestures [from the usual],” MONSTA X’s dependable leader shared.

“If something changes for even just a little, fans will notice. In our case, MONSTA X was known as a group with strengths in releasing “music to watch and enjoy”. I’m proud that we’ve also worked as a group with “music to listen to”. We originally sought “diversity” in the composition of our album by mixing songs with an energetic, passionate colours along with songs that have calm colours. In the U.S, our album was filled with rhythmical, non-excessive colours, so we had thoughts on whether this will do, but it did and the reactions were good,” Kihyun added.

The two singers also pondered on when they think was the starting point of MONSTA X’s level up after their debut.

“When we were active with the song “Dramarama”? It was the end of 2017. And also after the first world tour. Those two moments,” Kihyun answered, which Shownu also seconded.

“I had a similar idea. I think we’ve made some progress since the mini-album The Code with “Dramarama”,” he said.

monsta x shownu kihyun

Experiences from the Global Stage

Since their first world tour in 2017, the group has traveled across the globe—from Asia to the United States, France, Germany, Russia, and South America. Of course, this meant that a variety of people had come to visit the MONSTA X concert hall.

Kihyun confessed, “Before going there, I thought a lot of Koreans would come when I imagined it. However, 99% of the audience were locals, so I was very surprised. For now, the popularity of Korea and the Korean Wave itself must have played a part. Since the Korean Wave was really widespread, there must have been a lot of MONSTA X videos on YouTube that people from different countries watch. Those who came across us through the great influence of Hallyu and K-Pop must have thought that we were okay, and so they could have went “MONSTA X is visiting so, let’s go!” when we came.”

When asked if there is anything special about the tour and the stage experience that has changed over the years, Shownu said, “It’s hard to express in detail, but the experience of feeling fulfillment on stage has increased. We learn little by little about what we have to do to make ourselves feel fulfilled.”

In a sea of great and talented K-Pop musicians, Shownu shared that the biggest weapon that MONSTA X will use is their passion. “Even so, our team has great enthusiasm,” he said.

Kihyun also shared, “After watching our performances, there are many people have said, “I’ve never seen anything as fun as this during an idol group performance before”. I’m telling you.”

monsta x shownu kihyun

Shownu’s Individual Charms

Shownu has been famous for his performance and charisma since their debut, and Kihyun has established his name as the group’s main vocalist. With the plethora of great things about them, the two shared the compliments that they would offer each other.

“For hyung, it’s “physical”. Even our dancers say that they want to try dancing with the kind of body that Shownu has,” Kihyun commented with a laugh. “Regardless of his body is great or not, he is a person with great physical condition. I think his physique is really good, especially the body proportion and arm length,” the singer added.

“As for Kihyun, he’s well known for his live performance. You’d see that he’s a good person when you watch him from the side. There’s a reassurance coming from there,” Shownu said.

Kihyun also offered great words about Shownu’s dancing.

He noted, “Only some who know would understand, but his dance style has changed a little at one point. Even during the popularity of the urban dance trend where the feeling was more highlighted than the angle, Shownu maintained his own style which focused on intensity and angle and he wasn’t swept away by the trend. Then, at some point, he began to learn fast and agile styles. We express the feeling of flexibility and speed as “chopchop (literal translation)”. When you watch it on the screen, the quick “chopchop” moves can make the dance come alive, which was a change brought because he tried hard.”

Regarding this, Shownu said, “I love eating and I’m a meaty person. You need to pay attention to weight loss for your dance style, but you have to manage it a little too when you lose weight already.”

Kihyun’s solo skills

On the other hand, the video of Kihyun covering the song “Believer” has been garnering tons of attention since it was posted on YouTube last month. It has already exceeded 1.55 million views, and the singer himself expressed that he wasn’t expecting such a big response for the video.

“Not at all! A member of Imagine Dragons, who originally sang it, pressed “Like” and said, “Wow!” and another artist even commented about it. I really liked rock and cool music styles, so I wanted to sing the track,” the MONSTA X member said.

On whether his singing skills is his weapon, Kihyun said, “Honestly, it’s scary every time we come out with an album. I think about how it would be hard to sing live, and I even almost fainted on stage a few times. However, I still continue until the end. Even if I to faint on stage, I want to do well on live performances until the end. I’m confident.”

Their individual personalities

The two MONSTA X members also talked about the aspects of their personality that they like and dislike.

For Shownu, he said, “I’m on the blunt side, and I like that point of mine. However, I lack openness, and my personality does not seem to be upbeat even though my body is active. When I’m not lively enough, the members fill up [the liveliness] needed, so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to be active. But it won’t be bad if I become a little active too.”

Kihyun also remarked, “Shownu is a very active person. He likes people, and although we can’t do this these days, he likes to go out to eat delicious food. But I feel like it would be strange if a person like that suddenly becomes cheerful. That doesn’t mean he’s too quiet as a person. If we’re looking for a person who has a personality like him, I think it would be Minhyuk.”

“What’s interesting is that Minhyuk isn’t really an active person. However, he becomes very cheerful and talks a lot when he’s with someone. Shownu also likes to meet people, but when he meets someone, he gives a vibe that is different from Minhyuk’s,” the singer continued to say.

As for his personality, Kihyun shared, “I like my passion especially when I pick up momentum. When I start something, I tend to finish it quickly. What I don’t like about myself is that I have the tendency to overthink. Ever since I was a kid, I tend to think about a couple of worst-case scenarios whenever I do something. I think this is a bad habit because I seem to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. I feel better these days, but I still consider it as my flaw.”

Their messages to their trainee selves

As MONSTA X has gone to greater heights, the two were also asked to share a message to their trainee selves.

“There’s a story that seniors often tell. Sistar and K.Will, who passed by the company as well, said that that time was a good time. It’s good to say “enjoy it more” and “practice more” since it’s a good time, but I like things better now,” Kihyun said with a laugh.

In contrast, Shownu said, “Practice hard and take care of yourself even when you’re still healthy.”

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Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview featuring MONSTA X’s Shownu and Kihyun is available on W Korea’s website and June 2020 issue.

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