Moon Ga Young Candidly Talks About “Find Me In Your Memory”, Feminist Views, & More

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Moon Ga Young aspires to be someone who can have a little bit of positive influence on others.

Moon Ga Young worked zealously in her latest drama and was more excited than burdened for her work. She played the role of an SNS star, fashionista, and actress Yeo Ha Jin in the MBC drama, Find Me In Your Memory.

Find Me In Your Memory

The actress expressed great love towards her recent work and the production staff. Furthermore, she admitted that she’s sad now that the drama is over. She stated, “Just like Ha Jin, I am also very affectionate with the staff. I find it hard to say goodbye to people.”

Moon Ga Young’s thoughts on the drama and the role

Along with displaying the gorgeous visuals of Yeo Ha Jin, the actress also perfectly channeled the frank and upfront nature of the character.

Moon Ga Young spoke about the drama and her character. She said, “It is a romantic comedy, but it is a drama with multiple genres. Ha Jin’s narrative is very deep in the drama. So, I tried to pay more attention to the emotional aspect.”

Regarding the popularity of her character, the actress said, “It was good to feel the love of female fans through Ha Jin.”

She further added, “There was a burden, but it was exciting. It was a long-awaited opportunity, so I was very excited about how to perform well.”

Find Me In Your Memory

The actress then proceeded to talk about what she liked about her character and why she chose that particular role.

Moon Ga Young shared, “The honest and proactive Ha Jin attracted me. She is an uncommon character for a melodrama genre, whom I could express as I feel. Also, I’m not a passive person. So, when I select a work, I am careful about it. But of course, that part is an obvious priority. I think I’m greedy as an actor.”

Views as a feminist

Moon Ga Young is never shy to opine her views as a feminist. She has openly posted thoughts on the murder case in Gangnam Station on SNS and has also encouraged petitions to punish people responsible for “nth room”.

The actress voiced, “I tend to post what I feel is right. I know that this is very sensitive and I may regret getting older, but if I think it’s right thing at the moment, I just do it.”

Speaking about how her parents manifested her personality, she said, “My parents had influenced me a lot. My mom is a modern woman and my dad is a wonderful person too. It is very difficult for me to define my parents. But, we are quite an ordinary family.”

Moon Ga Young

Acting endeavours and future dreams

Moon Ga Young made her debut in the 2006 movie, Teacher’s Mercy. Since then, she worked on various other projects and has numerous works under her belt.

Narrating the details of her experiences in her 15-year acting career, she shared, “I’ve been working steadily and have constantly challenged myself. When I was young, I had an obsession that I must attain success quickly. It was also because I saw my peers getting too big quite early. But such thoughts changed at one point.”

Adding further, she claimed, “Now, I think of acting as leaving the right record of who I am. When I think I have gotten a great opportunity, I sometimes become greedy. But, in that case, I control my mind.”

Lastly, the actress spoke about her future goals and commented, “I aspire to be an actress who is trusted to do a good job. I want to challenge various works and I also want to try a part with different charms. It may be a personal greed, but I hope that I can have a good effect on others as a person.”

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