Park Shin Hye Shares Her Experiences & Takeaways From Her Latest Film “The Call”

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Park Shin Hye spoke with enthusiasm and pride about her latest triller movie, The Call.

On November 24, Park Shin Hye sat down for an online interview to share some details about her latest project. The Call is a mystery thriller depicting a mad obsession which arose when two women living in different timelines are connected by a phone call. As they try to change the course of time, one fate will be jeopardized.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye has already carved her name as one of the brightest stars of her generation. Her impressive talent growth can be seen in her notable projects such as The Heirs, The Doctors, Memories Of The Alhambra.

Last summer, her thriller movie #Alive, where she played the fearless Yoo Bin, has portrayed a different image of the actress. She deviated from the lovely and endearing roles which she has always been known for.

About The Call

Park Shin Hye Call

In the movie The Call, Park Shin Hye suits up for the character of Seo Yeon. After moving to an old family home, Seo Yeon receives a call from a stranger named Young Sook (Jeon Jong Seo). Seo Yeon learns that Young Sook lived in this same house 20 years ago. Although both are perplexed at first, their time difference does not hinder them to build friendship. As they call each other, Seo Yeon and Young Sook make risky choices that could change each other’s lives drastically.

With Young Sook’s help, Seo Yeon successfully alters the past. But Young Sook’s future self gets into a terrible plight. Unable to come to terms with the future, Young Sook explodes into a state of madness rooted from her desperation. Engulfed in an eerily insane thoughts, she threatens to destroy Seo Yeon’s future to save her own fate.

Movie Release

The Call was originally scheduled for release in Korean theaters at the latter part of 2020. However, the resurgence in the Covid-19 cases has prompted the production and distribution teams to instead globally release it on Netflix on November 27. “Our movie will premiere eight months after the production report meeting in March. It will not be released at the theaters at this time. I am very regretful that we will not be able to do so. But I still want to show the movie to everyone, so I am happy that it will be shown all over the world through Netflix.”

Park Shin Hye

When asked about the reason for choosing this project, Park Shin Hye said, “It was a project that I refused to appear at first. I filmed #Alive right after finishing the drama Memories Of The Alhambra. And then I received the screenplay for The Call. To be honest, I was physically and mentally exhausted at that time. It was difficult to prepare for a new work immediately. So even though the screenplay was interesting, I refused to confirm my participation at first because of my condition.”

She added, “But the director of the film production, PD Lee Choong Hyun, asked me to reconsider the project. After meeting and talking to him, I instantly changed my mind. I also enjoyed PD Lee Choong Hyun’s short film, Bargain. I think he has a different approach in film-making from the directors I saw so far.”

Park Shin Hye’s Film Takeaways

When asked about what makes The Call unique among the many films dealing with subject of time overlap, Park Shin Hye was quick to point out about the dynamics between the characters who are both women. “It’s not a man and woman case, but a woman-centered movie, and a well-made one.”

She further emphasized, “I think it’s a movie portraying women as firm individuals, not swayed by others’ arguments. I think it’s a movie with a good harmony among all four women characters,” she said.

Park Shin Hye

“There are many movies with a lot of time-related subjects. They especially focus on people’s wish to turn back time to undo the things they regret doing in the past. However, The Call is about coming to terms with the consequences when changing the course of time. I thought that the film clearly expresses this message.”

Park Shin Hye also openly shared her appreciation for films that centered on women characters. She asked the reporter, “Have you felt a thirst for films celebrating women characters? I think, in this era, many actors have that kind of perspective.”

She expressed her hope that opportunities for women in the entertainment industry would increase. “Many actresses are constantly being challenged by the dilemma of having no opportunities where they can showcase their talents. And we are proud to say that in our film, The Call, we are with you. I hope that the breadth of opportunities will increase in the future.”

A Different Dimension In Playing Seo Yeon

The actress said that she had worries about how her character will be visualized by the audience. “I wondered if Seo Yeon will be drawn as a passive character. She seems to be dragged aggressively by her counterpart, Young Sook. I figured that I must show a different twist rather than just stick with being a dragged female protagonist.”

In addition, shared how she was initially attracted to Young Sook, a strong character which is the exact opposite of Seo Yeon’s personality. “Isn’t Young Sook’s character very attractive? She transformed into an insane character and I felt that it was her charm. When I first read the script, I wanted to play Young Sook. I thought that the process of going crazy would be fun and challenging.”

Working With Jeon Jong Seo

Furthermore, Park Shin Hye detailed her fun and productive film-making experience with her co-star, Jeon Jong Seo who played the role of Young Sook. “During the shooting, because of the set, props, or the situation on the scene, we were filming sequentially from the past to the present.

Park Shin Hye

“Most of the scenes were filmed during phone call scenes. When Jong Seo was filming, I read my script while she acted on her scene. And when I was filming, she came and read her script too.”

“But it was a different energy when we acted face to face. There was a scene where we actually met and had a fight. We didn’t recognize the intensity of our acting while we were still working on the scene. When the director commented that we made the scene looked breathtaking, we were so happy. We both felt fulfilled knowing that we have successfully conveyed the emotions through our portrayals.”

The Call will premiere on Netflix on November 27.

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