Taeyeon Talks Daily Habits, Transformations And Inspirations In Interview With 1st Look Magazine

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With the theme “all eyes on me,” Taeyeon’s latest magazine feature shines the spotlight on her image as a beauty goddess and her interests.

For its upcoming issue, 1st Look Magazine is featuring Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – who has transformed herself into a beauty goddess for the summer. The preview photos for the shoot showcases the singer’s girl crush image, highlighting her lovely visuals and her innocent vibe.

The singer sat down for an interview with the magazine, where she talked about what she likes doing in her daily life and how fans inspire her to work hard. When asked about what a day in her life looks like, Taeyeon shared that she visits makeup shops whenever she gets bored.

“I enjoy looking at new products, trying some on and buying the ones I like to try at home,” Taeyeon explained. “It’s a way of stress relief for me.”

On the topic of transformation, Taeyeon shared that she likes finding ways to make her transformations truly her own. “I really enjoy photo shoots because I get to talk to experts from different fields, hear their opinions and then work toward a common result” the singer said.

“I also get to pick up professional know-how and insights that I haven’t heard of before,” she added. “That’s an aspect I find meaningful for this particular photo shoot.”

Taeyeon also expressed her gratitude towards her fans, whom she described as her driving force. “When I think of my fans, I feel a complicated mix of emotions: I feel grateful, apologetic and grateful all at once,” she explained. “I can’t explain what I feel in a word or two, so whenever I meet fans, I always end up speechless.”

“I really want to thank the fans who keep caring for and loving us, for staying by our side no matter what,” the singer said. 

Source: XportsNews
Image Source: 1st Look Magazine