THE BOYZ’s Juyeon and Hyunjae Demonstrate Unrivaled Beauty And Chemistry In Latest Allure Magazine Pictorial

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THE BOYZ members Juyeon and Hyunjae brought nothing but chic and cool vibes in their first unit pictorial with Allure Korea!

The BOYZ’s Juyeon and Hyunjae teamed up to steal DEOBIs hearts with their stunning looks side-by-side in their latest photoshoot with Allure Korea.

Juyeon Hyunjae

Generating a unique yet fun atmosphere, the K-Pop artists showed a bold image while garbed in stylish and adventurous outfits.

Shot against minimalist settings, the charming idols looked like complete visual gods with their glamorous poses that suited the unconventional pictorial concept.

As they exhibit their magnificent projecting abilities, Juyeon and Hyunjae further drew fans’ attention with their flawless facial features and spellbinding gaze.

With their tantalizing facial expressions, the boys also aced the photoshoot with their impactful styling along with their insanely attractive and gorgeous physiques.

Moreover, the photos also showed both members flaunting their respective nail arts, while perfectly embodying the pictorial’s out-of-the-box concept.

Juyeon Hyunjae

In the pictorial’s accompanying interview, Juyeon and Hyunjae spoke candidly about fashion, their life after debut as well as their goals for their upcoming Kingdom appearance.

Speaking briefly about their lovely visuals, Hyunjae said that whenever he looks at his face, he thinks that it has no special features compared to others.

As for Juyeon, he mentioned that he and Hyunjae have distinct facial features. He explained, “My facial features are sharp. Hyunjae’s are soft and pretty. His face is like that, and his hands and legs are really beautiful. We’re very different, but when we’re together, it looks like we match well.”

Hyunjae also shared that fans also came up with a unique comparison involving him and his fellow member. He said that DEOBIs always compare him to a bear while they compare Juyeon to a cat.

Juyeon Hyunjae


Both THE BOYZ members have continuously proved throughout the years that they suit any style and concept given at how they present themselves attractively in front of fans. However, Juyeon shared that the clothes he had worn since debut were either a hit or miss.

“There were good things, but there were things that weren’t. There is also black history. I’m looking ahead [to the styles I’ll be trying in the future],” he said.

Meanwhile, Hyunjae said that he was able to open his eyes to fashion by trying various styles.

“Fashion always has to move forward. There were clothes I wanted to buy myself if I made a lot of money later, but I haven’t put that into action yet. Right now, I prefer comfortable clothes like this. I think this is me,” he mentioned.

When asked if both of them could buy expensive clothes now, Hyunjae said that he currently has nowhere to go to wear those kinds of outfits since their group is focusing on practice. With this, he added that he prefers wearing training suits the most.

Expressing his feelings regarding his debut, Juyeon shared that he had a hard time at the beginning to the point that he didn’t get to enjoy the glorious moment. However, he said that the situation has presently improved now, given the continuous accolades THE BOYZ have been receiving.

“I feel that my mentality has also become stronger. I try to entertain anything,” he added.

Hyunjae, on the other hand, also felt the same as Juyeon regarding their debut. He said that his self-confidence and self-esteem used to be so low but now he thinks that being a little brazen about things in life would not hurt at all.

“I got the feeling that I can do better when I’m more confident and brazen,” he shared.”


After winning Mnet’s reality program Road To Kingdom, THE BOYZ was able to open lots of doors for new opportunities and was able to obtain massive recognitions from global K-Pop fans.

For Juyeon and Hyunjae, joining the said program was a redefining moment for their careers. Both of them gained a lot motivation and energy to show their talents and capabilities even more through the show.

Hyunjae said, “It’s been three years since our debut. This could have been a tiring period, but I feel like we were standing in front of a new beginning. I think we were able to mature one step further through that program. I now have the confidence that this is our real start.”

He also added that the satisfaction he had obtained from completing a well-planned performance on the show only drives him to do better in the future.

Meanwhile, Juyeon explained, “The strength of that program was amazing. We were strongly impacted by it.  It could be called an ‘influx.’ Through that program, we got many new fans.”

Moreover, Hyunjae, who has been showing excellent presence in their recent stages, admitted that joining Road To Kingdom definitely fueled his desire to win. However, as the time goes by, he realized that the point of the show was not to win or lose.

“…The important thing is, ‘It doesn’t matter if we lose, so let’s do what we prepared well.’ The members comfort each other like that. Our goal for ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ is to do our best without any regrets. Rankings aren’t important. However, it might leave a scratch on our pride if we place last,” he explained.

Fans can see more jaw-dropping photos and know more about the boys’ interview on the March 2021 issue of Allure Korea, its official website and SNS channels.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ will appear on Mnet’s upcoming reality idol program Kingdom: Legendary War starting on April 1.

Sources: Allure Korea official website and News1

Photos from Allure Korea