VIXX’s Ken Talks About His Solo Album, Goals, Military Enlistment And Love For His Adoring Fans

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Eight years after his debut in VIXX, member Ken has released his first solo album – and he aspires more projects to share with his faithful followers in the future.

Ken took his first steps as a full-fledged solo artist on May 20th at 6PM KST. He unveiled his first mini-album Greeting though various music sites, as well as the music video for the title track “Just For A Moment”.


Ken’s first mini-album conveys the various colors of his voice. It shows the musical spectrum of the idol who has become a next-generation balladeer. Numerous fans have their attention on his solo mini-album.

On the day of the album release, through his company, Ken shared his impressions, goals and talked about the songs he prepared.


Q: How do you feel about releasing a solo album eight years after your debut?

Ken: It’s been 8 years since I made my debut, so I’m nervous and under pressure. Thinking that my solo songs fill the album makes me excited and happy. It is not enough, but I would appreciate if you enjoyed it and listened to it a lot.

Q: Can you introduce the title song and the main points to it?

Ken: The title track, “Just For A Moment” is about love and separation that everyone has experienced at least once. I hope you’ll be able to enhance the atmosphere of the song more if you watch the stage performance. It is a powerful string ballad, filled with high-pitched and delicate emotional vocals.

Q: What did you pay most attention to while preparing for your solo album?

Ken: Since it’s my first solo album, I wanted to do everything well and I wanted to show it properly. The thing I cared about the most was my voice. While recording the songs to be featured in the album, I practiced expressing various emotions, I tried to emphasize the vocal tone and the feelings of the songs. I would like it if the people listening to the album would feel the emotions through each and every lyrics. I hope it is delivered well.

Q: Among the songs on the album, which one is your favorite and why?

Ken: It is the 4th track, called “Meteor Shower”. This is the first self-composed song by me and my beloved friends. It is a song I want to sing to each and every fan.


Q: With VIXX, you have portrayed intense concepts. What do you want to show through your solo?

Ken: If I’ve shown a lot of concepts before, this time I would rather let you hear my voice a bit more. I’d like to show a variety of vocal charms, such as powerful and soft vocals.

Q: Did you receive any advice from the members who previously released solo albums? How did the rest of VIXX react?

Ken: They said they liked all the songs, not just the title track, but also the sub-tracks as well. I felt really touched because of their support.

Q: On May 6, you released the song “To Us Who Have To Endure” with Monday Kiz Lee Jin Sung. How did you come together for it?

Ken: Ever since I thought “I want to release a solo album,” I’ve wanted to work with Monday Kiz Jin Sung, whom I respect. First I contacted him and then discussed with the company about doing the duet. I was happy to work with my senior.

Q:, A few days ago, the news of your military enlistment was announced. How do you feel?

Ken: I am really thankful to my beloved family, my members and the fans, and I think I’ll miss them a lot. I want to make a lot of good memories during the remaining time.

Q: You have continued your musical activities. What is the difference between a musical and a solo stage?

Ken: Musicals take a long time and we all have to lead together. If something is lacking, we help each other, so we can sing and act with all our strength on the stage. For a solo, you have to show everything you’ve prepared in a short time.

Q: Through your personal YouTube, you are showing a variety of content, including cover songs and daily life routines. What made you open your own YouTube channel?

Ken: I opened it because I wanted to communicate and show various sides of me off stage. My YouTube channel is called “! KEN DO !T.” With the confidence of “I can do anything,” I am sharing a lot of things with the fans, like challenge videos, song covers or daily routines.

Q: What is the goal you want to achieve with this album?

Ken: I want a lot of people to see me as “Ken, the emotional vocalist you trust and listen to.” I want to make good memories with the fans.

Q: What do you want to say to the fans who have been waiting for your solo activities?

Ken: Thank you for supporting me for 8 years. I will do my best to repay the love you have given me so far, with good songs and a good voice. I will do my best so that our fans can shine like “Starlight.” I hope we continue to walk together in the future, as we do now. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, I love you.

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