WJSN CHOCOME Shares Their Thoughts On Unit Debut, New Song & More

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WJSN CHOCOME has opened up about their debut as a unit, their new album and their incredible love for fans.

The first ever unit of girl group WJSN debuted on October 7 under the name CHOCOME. Including the four members Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung, they released their first single album HMPH!

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The newly formed unit showed a different side from the usual mysterious and dreamy appearance of the full group. In particular, they drew attention from music lovers by showing off their cute charms.

The title song “HMPH!” is a vintage disco pop track with addictive hooks and lyrics, which cutely portrays one’s innermost feelings to someone unaware of them. The music number is filled with the lively side of the four members and brightens the hearts for those who listen to it.

In a special interview, WJSN CHOCOME talked about their new album and their activity as a group.

Q: You’re active in the first unit formed from WJSN. How do you feel?

Soobin: I was very nervous at first, but now I’m excited every day. It was a bit of a pressure to show a different concept from the ones we show you as WJSN, but I think a lot of people liked the beagle side we showed in the album. Thank you very much.

Luda: I felt a bit burdened and nervous, because of the modifier “WJSN’s first unit”. We didn’t want to show that we was nervous to other members, but I guess we unwillingly did.

When we went to practice or out for work, they made us breakfast and even bought us snacks. So we decided we wanted to make them say “Oh!” after watching our performance. I am glad that both the members and the fans liked “HMPH!”

Yeoreum: I think it is similar to when we first made our debut. I’ve always wanted to try being in a unit and because we’re finally doing it, every day is so exciting and fun. Since it’s the first unit, we wanted to show our first performance to the fans, so it was too bad that we couldn’t see our Ujung in person.

We’ll do our best as a unit. I want to show you our performance in person next time.

Dayoung: When performing as part of WJSN, I felt full just by standing there. But, when I went to practice for “HMPH!” for the first time, there was just the four of us. At first it was a bit weird but maybe because the loudest members of WJSN were gathered, the sound was similar to the usual one.

That’s why we were able to have more fun with our unit activities. Please continue to love “HMPH!”

Q: Is there a special reason to starting the unit CHOCOME?

Soobin: I’ve always wanted to try being in a unit. Thankfully, there was this great chance and we quickly grabbed onto it. Most of all, isn’t the concept perfect for me and my members? I couldn’t help wanting it.

The process of preparing an album with a new look is so exciting. If there is a chance, I want to show you various sides through the unit. So, I hope that Ujung will continue to show a lot of love for our activities as CHOCOME. Also, if you’re interested in the activities of other WJSN members, we’ll unveil our charms one by one.

Luda: The name of the unit is CHOCOME. I thought it was a unit made for me. The members are so funny that I talk more than usual and laugh a lot.  I think it’ll be a shame when we have to wrap up our activities.

Yeoreum: CHOCOME is refreshing and cute, right? I had to be cute. Most of all, I wanted to show a new side of me to Ujung. I like that we got to meet fans with a fun song like “HMPH!” after four months.

Dayoung: I really had no choice but to be a singer. Previously, I was really excited when preparing songs for the fans. This time I was even more excited while preparing the new concept with the four members.

Meanwhile, I’ve shown my cheerful side not only on stage but also on Naver NOW’s Avengirls and KBS Cool FM’s Jeong Eunji’s Music Plaza I’m so happy that I can show my overflowing energy through “HMPH!”.

Q: What are CHOCOME’s attractive points?

Soobin: Of course, the freshness is attractive, but I think another charming point is the amazing singing ability of the members. All the members have beautiful voices and solid singing skills, which I think make the song more addictive. It’s a chance to fall in love with my voice, the main vocalist of WJSN, so I’d like to confidently recommend “HMPH!”.

Luda: You’ll know why we’re CHOCOME when you see the members. That’s how cute our members are and I think our charm is our naturally bursting freshness. This cuteness fits well with the clothes for “HMPH!”.  I hope you will focus on the ever-changing outfits.

Yeoreum: I think the charming point is the energy that makes the viewers feel cheerful. The members are usually very wild, so a lot of funny things happen when we practice or while we’re in the waiting room. I think the members’ funny sides are exploding on the stage and that is our charm.

Dayoung: Very active, hectic and cute, this is what we call “beagle-like”. I think all the CHOCOME members suit the beagle character. In fact, I’ve heard that it’s hectic with just two of us, so with the four of us, you’ll be able to feel a lot of energy. These days, there are a lot of people who are not energetic, so I hope you can cheer up after watching out performance.

Q: Member Dayoung was filming for Kakao TV’s digital original drama Love Revolution while being busy with CHOCOME. Can you say something about this?

Dayoung: While filming for Love Revolution, I was also a little busy preparing for my CHOCOME activities. It’s my first time trying both things and I love them so much that I’m so happy every day. I’ll do my best until the end of Love Revolution, so I’d appreciate it if you could keep an eye out for it. Please also look forward to our unit activities.

Q: Compared to the mysterious and dreamy side of WJSN, this concept is 180 degrees different. Why did you challenge it?

Soobin: I think our members’ looks and voices would go really well with this refreshing concept. The vocals are clear and cool and the feeling is bubbly. Maybe that’s why the song came out better. I think the music and the concept match perfectly.

Luda: I think I found something only our members can do. As soon as I saw the members gathered, I thought we’d be perfect for a refreshing concept. I was sure everyone would look great, so I asked them to do it as soon as the idea came out.

Yeoreum: WJSN has done a variety of concepts, but now that I think about it, we’ve never done such a cute one. So I wanted to try something cute and fresh as a unit. The bright colors of the outfits and each of the props fit the members so well. I really like this concept.

Dayoung: I really like the style of our CHOCOME members. It’s cute and fun, the perfect match for us. Maybe that’s why all the members thought of a similar concept. Although the new image is unconventional, I never thought it wouldn’t fit our members.

wjsn chocome

Q: If you had to pick one, what would be the most impressive part of this album?

Soobin: This time, all the outfits are really lovely. The highlight is the retro style. The colorful patterns and accessories are so pretty to look at and they go really well with the dance. They complete the bubbly feel of “HMPH!”. I hope you enjoy our stage outfits.

Luda: An easy and fun performance. It’s easy to follow the main points in the choreography for “HMPH!” in just a glance. The same moves are repeated a lot, so it’s very addictive. I learn dance slowly but this one I learned in a flash. It’s that easy and fun, so I think it’d be good if you all tried it.

Yeoreum: The dance part where we make horns on our heads with fingers! At that part, the melody is very addictive and the dance is easy, it’s very exciting. That’s why we feel happy when we perform it on stage. If you all try to follow this part while watching our performance, you’ll definitely be able to feel the charm.

Dayoung: The title track “HMPH!” is attractive but I hope you also listen to “Ya Ya Ya”. It’s a remake of Baby V.O.X’s song. The melody of the original is so good, I think it was easier to show our unit’s colors. You will be able to feel another fresh charm, different from the addictive “HMPH!”.

Q: What kind of song is the title song and how did you feel when you first heard it?

Soobin: “HMPH!” is a song full of our four members’ wild and lively charms. The melody is very addictive and it’s different from the ones we’ve done so far. I thought it is a song in which we can finally pour our energy. I’m already excited to show you our unit’s color through this track.

Luda: The melody is good and the lyrics are very cute. The lyrics are about how you feel about someone who is unaware of it. I think expressing it in a cute and grumpy way is just right. I thought about the joy people will get when listening to it and it made us smile.

Yeoreum: I was surprised that the song itself was full of energy and was more addictive than I thought. The more I listen to it, the more I feel that the song is our unit itself. That’s how much the atmosphere feels the same as the members’. So, I was more excited to prepare for the unit activities. I’d appreciate it if you would listen to the song a lot and like it.

Dayoung: The highlight part was so addictive and repeated many times that I couldn’t forget it. Even when I came home that night, I felt like I could still hear it. Many people have already fallen for the charm of “HMPH!”. For those who haven’t heard it yet, I think if you listen to it just once, you will melt into our charms.

Q: After the release of the album, in addition to the “HMPH! Challenge”, parodies by fans appeared. Another singer’s video call fan signing event has also become a hot topic with the appearance of “HMPH!” at fans’ requests. How do you feel about this?

Soobin: Our biggest goal for this promotion was to have a lot of people enjoy it. That is why I am really happy that you are enjoying our song. If you continue to enjoy it, it will make the members smile.

Luda: I’d be lying if I say I didn’t expect it, but I really didn’t know the fans themselves will do a parody of “HMPH!”. We saw a collected video of other singers’ moments and they were so cute and fun. Thank you so much for loving this song.

Yeoreum: We also have a lot of fun when we perform “HMPH!”. I can see that we are all enjoying the stage and I think many people like it. We like seeing your reactions. I hope you’d continue to enjoy it.

Dayoung: It’s good to be on stage but it’s really fun to do the “HMPH! Challenge” off-stage too. Since the dance is cute and comical, the one doing it were a little shy at first. But once they started, they became more excited than us. We will be cheering for you if you participate in the challenge and enjoy it.

Q: “HMPH!” has also drawn attention with the special collaboration stages with Moon Seyoon, Norazo and Kim Youngchul. How do you feel about this?

Soobin: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who collaborated with us. Everyone worked really hard on preparing the stages and I think it became more fun and addictive to perform it together.

Luda: The collaboration stages were really a hot topic. In fact, we thought everyone was so cute that we watched the videos over and over. It was an honor to collaborate and I think we learned how to be cute from them.

Yeoreum: It was so much fun that I want to be on stage with them again. Thank you for making it even more exciting. I’d also like to thank everyone who enjoyed our special performances.

Dayoung: It was so much fun that I almost laughed on stage. I think everyone was amazing and showed a very cute side for “HMPH!”. Thank you so much again, and thank you for enjoying our CHOCOME performances every time.

wjsn chocome

Q: Is there any goal you want to achieve through this unit activity?

Soobin: It’s a song that gets you excited when you hear it. My goal is for many people to have fun while listening to it. It is sad that we can’t show you the stage in person but I hope you enjoy our song and have a happy day.

Luda: I think in times like this, the best thing is to be able to finish our activities in good health. I hope no one gets sick or hurt, and we all have fun. Let’s all meet later in good health.

Yeoreum: I’m not sure if I can do it because of COVID-19, but my biggest goal is to enjoy the performances with Ujung. The song is exciting but I think we’ll have much more fun if the fans cheered for us. I don’t think I can achieve the goal of performing with our fans in front of us, but I’d appreciate it if you could prepare to enjoy the performances together until the day we meet in person.

Dayoung: This song is incredibly addictive and the dance is very easy and exciting. So I’d be so happy if a lot of people could sing along and dance with us. I hope many of you will participate in the SNS challenge we are doing right now.

Q: Can you say a few words to the fans?

Soobin: I think the driving force behind this is all thanks to Ujung. I will continue to do my best to show you cool performances. You know I promised to be with you on my birthday until I was 52, right? Pleases continue to love us.

Luda: Dear Ujung! We worked hard on the album. as much as you looked forward to it. Please show a lot of interest to our unit activities and also give a lot of support to the other members.

Yeoreum: Since it’s our first unit activity, I hope you like it a lot. Those are just beginning so please look forward to other activities in the future as well.

Dayoung: Ujung! Thank you for waiting for a long time and for loving “HMPH!” a lot. The four of us will continue to show you fun stages, so I hope you gain strength through our songs and performances. Everyone, cheer up and please continue to love both CHOCOME and WJSN.

PR Source and Image credit: Starship Entertainment