A New Healing Drama Is Coming Up On MBC Starring Choi Sooyoung and Yoon Park

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Set for November broadcast, the series takes pride in its well-made story.

Send A Fan Letter (LT) came from the 2021 MBC Drama Script Competition and won the Best Picture Award. It was praised for portraying the show business world sensibly and refreshingly.

The romantic comedy series is about an actress who is facing the biggest crisis in her life and a man who has to protect her daughter’s fan spirit by replying to a fake fan letter.

Taking the role of Han kang-hee, the top star who confronts the biggest predicament in her life because of a fan letter is Choi Sooyoung. She currently stars in If You Wish Upon Me and recently made a music comeback with Girls’ Generation.

Playing the role of Bang Jeong-seok, a single father who raises her daughter with leukemia alone is Yoon Park. His most recent works include Forecasting Love and Weather and You Are My Spring.

The drama will be directed by Jung Sang-hee who previously worked on the delightful From Now On Showtime.

MBC’s new drama Send A Fan Letter will be aired in November.

Source: iMBC News

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