K-Drama Couch Recap: “Arthdal Chronicles” Episode 3

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Entrancing audience on its opening week, Arthdal Chronicles serves with more details of its realm and characters.

Proving its hype, Arthdal Chronicles begins a resounding premiere, topping popularity index aside from impressive viewership ratings.

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In the third episode, the focus of the setting moves to Arthdal, where its member clans comprised of humans, are in a silent war to obtain the seat of power. Unearthing the mystic gods and rules the people of Arth believes in, requires fixation to immerse on the main characters of the featured clans.

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 3 Recap

The remnants of Wahan Tribe

Unable to catch up with Eunseom, Daekan Force’s Mubaek orders his men to report back to the base and continues to chase the half-blood. Receiving thoughts from horse “helper” (name given by Tanya), he follows its lead to face Mubaek who has been shooting him arrows. His nimble body helps him escape Mubaek. Arriving at Wahan tribe’s settlement, Eunseom’s heart breaks at the site of the dead tribe members.

Fortunately, a little girl, Doti survives the attack, and he takes her to tail the captured tribe members. In time, Mubaek also arrives at the settlement and scours the nearby places in search of Eunseom. Stumbling on Wahan tribe’s sacred place, he discovers a pouch and an old woman. Pleading not to disrespect the content of the pouch, she explains that the totem is passed on to generations of Wahan tribe. Surprised when he recognized the byeoldaya, Mubaek learns that the tribe descended from the Great White Wolf.

Arthdal Chronicles

The Arthdal Union

Successfully leading Wahan tribe back to the base, Tagon meets his men who report about the slaves they acquired. Bringing his soldiers a great news, he orders them to prepare for their return to Arthdal. Before their journey, he sends a messenger to deliver a note to Taealha.

Over at Arthdal, San Woong, the leader of  Sanyeok tribe, halts an ongoing execution of a man. Complaining how Asa clan of the White Mountain tribe unfairly gets the abundance of the crops from Plain of the Moons, he even whines how the current clan members are not direct descendants of Aramun Haesulla.

Entering his chamber, San Woong is greeted by Taealha. She is the daughter of Muhol from Hae tribe and is in a close relationship with Tagon. Curious about his animosity to his son, San Woong reveals to her how a shaman said that his son has an evil fate. Clearing that, he remarks not hating his son, it is more of fear that he is feeling towards him.

Jang Dong Gun


Reporting to his father of San Woong’s proposal, she deduces the strained relationship between the father and son, who are both swept by her beauty. Raised from the pirate tribe of Hae, Muhol’s daughter dreams of reigning Arthdal.

Meawhile, Asa Mot, chief priestess of the White Mountain tribe, informs Asa Ron (Chief Elder of Mountain tribe) about Taealha’s frequent visits to San Woong’s chamber. Further adding to the silent war of ruling power, they also learned of his marriage proposal to her. A union that would shake Asa clan’s controlling power in Arthdal union.

Meanwhile, the messenger sent by Tagon meets Taealha to deliver his message and a letter to his adopted child (the Igutu baby he took from The Great War). Deciding which position she will side, Taealha meets San Woong and reports his son’s misdeed of doing a sacred act only performed by anointed person of the Asa clan. Intent to put Asa Ron and Tagon on a dire situation, San Woong schemes a ploy to execute his evil plan.

Kim Ok Bin


Eunseom and Doti reach the rendezvous point of the wooden lift, which transported their fellow tribe members to the top of the Great Black Cliff. Holding one of the soldiers as a hostage, they hide riding “helper” and escape once they arrive in the level land. Arriving at a farming field, Eunseom and Doti are surprised to see plants aligned on a vast land. They get even more surprise when the farmer chides on them and blabs how he owns the land. An idea not known to Wahan tribe who thinks all nature provisions of the gods are for all people to have.

Seeing his necklace and learning his half-human-half-Neanthal nature, the farmer raises an altercation but is subdued easily by Eunseom. Learning about his origin, Eunseom momentarily gets lost processing thoughts and is almost stabbed by the farmer. Dodging the farmer’s surprise attack, Eunseom retaliates, killing him in the process. From afar, a woman (Chae Eun) watches and explains kindly that Eunseom is not a monster. She gives him a small bottle to cover the purple tint of his lips and advises them to go back where they came from.

On a mission to save his adopted tribe, Eunseom and Doti disregard the woman’s warning and proceed to enter the gate of Arthdal. When “helper” mindlessly eats the herbs sold in the city, Eunseom comes to his aid. Luckily Chae Eun spots them and stops him from attacking. Castigating him for not listening to her advice, he heads to a nearby place and sees a disheartening sight of children working as laborers.

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Episode 3 Afterthoughts

If you are a fan of epic themed stories, you’ll easily get fond of Arthdal Chronicles. Albeit its big cast, the writer paid attention to a simple storytelling in the elaborated world conceived. For episode 3, we see glimpses of set culture for the people living in Arthdal. For instance, they have a set way of greeting dignitaries and they believe in transcendental beings and divination. It’s a whole new world to traverse, and one that also tugs heart because of disheartening scenes brought upon by human’s greed.

Sharing the pure hearted goal to live with what nature provides, the Wahan tribe and Neanthals survive their days creating their own happiness. In contrast, the human tribes pursue advancement and convenience in their way of life. Most of the time, at the expense of causing death or harm to fellow beings.

Seeing Eunseom marvel at the civilization created by his tribe’s captors and the cruelties they have done to achieve such feat made a resonating impression to me. Thinking the series to be just pure fictional world adventure, it makes me happier how it is speaking to my heart with its implied lessons on human’s disappointing and encouraging nature.

Can Eunseom save his tribe? Will he survive in Arthdal with Doti? What role will the woman he met play to his journey? Will Tagon receive a punishment?


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