K-Drama Couch Recap: “Arthdal Chronicles” Episode 4

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Moving to a fast pace, Arthdal Chronicles completes introduction of its characters as it preps up to traverse its big picture.

With all the characters finally set to draw connections to each other, Arthdal Chronicles delineates the factions expected to go against each other.

Arthdal Chronicles Recaps: Premiere, Ep03

Scoring 7.7% national viewership rating for episode 4, the highest to date for the series, Arthdal Chronicles continues to dominate the popular drama index based on the tally of Good Data Corporation.

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 4 Recap

Eunseom’s Plan

Learning from Chae Eun how the children are war captives, Eunseom is even more pushed to find a way in rescuing Wahan tribe. Leading him to a place, she points to where San Woong Niruha thrives so his plan to hostage the union leader is impossible.

Chae Eun attends a meeting with Bachidoore, the merchants’ guild that has unanimously agreed to support Tagon, who has been summoned for performing ollimsini, a sacred act that only White Mountain tribe higher ups can perform. Trying to calm her father whose memories of Tagon differ from the glorious moments fellow merchants mentioned, she holds his hand to appease him.

Arthdal Chronicles

San Woong’s Ploy

After scheming Tagon’s predicament, San Woong tells his second son Danbyeok to be wary of his brother if he wants to keep a position in the Union. Confident of his plan to obliterate Asa Ron and Tagon, he mentions how Tagon will go against Asa Ron as he needs his father for his ambitious plans.

Meanwhile, Muhol of Hae tribe catches on Taealha’s betrayal by helping Tagon. He then orders her to meet the Arthdal hero and poison him.

Ahead of his return, Danbyeok meets his brother Tagon out of concern, and tells him not to go back to their hometown. Knowing it is his brother’s idea to protect him, Tagon tells him that he understands his intention, but he is tired of running away from home.

Arthdal Chronicles

Tanya’s Curse

Back at where Wahan tribe rests for the evening, a member of the tribe is reported to be sick. But the ruthless Daekan warrior, instead of giving a cure, mercilessly kills him. When one of the soldiers notices the Great Mother also barely survives, the same warrior motions to do the same. But Tanya stands up and lays a curse to their captors. While delivering her curse, the Great Mother sees an epiphany of the Great White Wolf standing beside Tanya.

Tagon, who was observing from afar, walks to where Tanya is, and asks how Daekan Forces can reverse the curse. Agreeing to Tanya’s request, the Great Mother gets a proper send-off. Giving Tanya her last words, she sees the Great White Wolf beside Tanya again. She tells her successor to find the byeoldaya (the thing Mubaek found) and to be the hope of the tribe.

Tagon’s Predicament

Inside Tagon’s tent, Taealha inquires where his plans are heading to. Both also acknowledge the genuine feelings they have for each other.

Taealha warns him to make sure his plan will work out for her to survive as well. Admitting to how she was supposed to poison him, she walks out and leaves the camp. Tagon heads to meet Asa Ron and asks forgiveness for performing ollimsini. He proposes a plan to avoid the evil trap his father set for them.

Asa Ron’s Escape Plan

Receiving a hero’s welcome from the citizens of Arthdal, Tagon is summoned to face the leaders of Arthdal Union as soon as they enter the city.

Convening at the hall of sacred gods, Asa Ron interprets the message from the god – that Tagon is deemed worthy of performing ollimsini because he has been blessed by the gods with psychic ability.

San Woong, who realized the connivance of Asa Ron and his son, attempts to leave the hall, but the guards stop him. However, they draw their swords to escape the people blocking them. Chasing San Woong and his men, Daekan Force block them at a nearby forest. Just then, Eunseom appears and takes San Woong away from the altercation.

Learning their father was not brought to the Hae tribe, brothers Tagon and Danbyeok move to attack each other. But then, they receive a notice of their father’s whereabout. Held hostage, San Woong Niruha is presented at the marketplace by Eunseom. The brothers arrive and Eunseom agrees for Tagon to negotiate. Sensing Tagon’s presence in the dark room, he sees a dagger, and it signals for them to attack each other.

Episode 4 Afterthoughts

Growing up, reading and watching epic stories have been a task given by my father. From there, my fascination to the fictional world drawn in epic stories evolves. So, I am one who can munch this genre with passion to unravel the mysteries and end games of the competing characters in the story.

Such is the case for Arthdal Chronicles for me now. Its fast moving narration that covers efficient explanations to the vast character it involves is commendable. Even my mother who also watch it, at 60-ish, looks forward to its story.

As what deemed normal for stories taking the premise of power struggle, the show highlights focus on how the players outwit each other. A feat, that is interestingly maneuvered by the lead characters of Arthdal Chronicles in different motivations, hindered by varied weaknesses.

The layering of cryptic mystical elements also adds colors to the story. I am curious to how Tanya’s curse will impact the story, and what the real meaning of the oracle’s words are, which was altered by Asa Ron.

Will Eunseom save his tribe for having San Woong as hostage? What will become of the Arthdal Union now that the power struggle is out in the open?

Arthdal Chronicles airs on tvN every Saturday and Sunday. It is available on Netflix an hour after its Korean broadcast.


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